Dicks Sports Goods Charity

Dylan McIntyre

More Giving Less Receiving

For this Chirstmas we will be giving discounts on everything is you bring any old toys can foods you bring in for the children that will not be getting any presents this year


If you bring in any clothing we sell all our clothing wear 50% off. Our shoes will be 25% off if you bring in any old shoes.

Sport items

If you bring in any basketballs, footballs, soccer balls, etc. We will sell our sport item 75% off. We will sell our Soccer goals, and Basketball goals 50% off.

Can foods

If you bring in any can foods we will sell our drinks and snacks 75% off. We will sale our grills 10% off. This Charity will need a lot of donations for all the kids that will not be getting any presents. Anything will help!