Junior High Journal - 7th Grade

October 2nd - 6th

All Junior High Reminders:

Chromebooks should be charged every night.

Students should check the homework calendar nightly.

Check Skyward for updates of grades and missing or late assignments.

Thursday, Oct. 5th - All 7th graders will be going to the Golden Rondelle for the Physics Experience.

Friday, Oct. 13th - 8th Grade to Camp Timber-Lee

Friday, Oct. 20th - 7th Grade to Camp Timber-Lee



ELA News and Updates


In ELA this week, students have read the story “The Whistle” about a grandmother who gets stuck in the shed on the farm. We used the story to review the literary elements that make good short stories. We also began to explore the concept of sentence chunking to begin to use chunking to improve sentence quality in their own writing. It has been a pleasure to get to know your students this week. They have put forth their best efforts each day, despite the extremely hot weather. I’m excited about the year ahead.


Math News and Updates

Mary Niccolai mary.niccolai@yorkville.k12.wi.us

Becky Seitz becky.seitz@yorkville.k12.wi.us

Algebra is off to a great start this year. I am excited to have an entire group of 7th graders for Algebra this year. They are working hard. We are well into our first chapter. The first unit is entitled Algebra Basis. So far we have covered the real number system, Algebraic properties, order of operations, absolute value, evaluating expressions, matrices, and simplifying algebraic expressions.

Next week we will cover the distributive property and solving two step equations and inequalities.

They took their second quiz this past week. Please check Skyward for updated grades and to check for late or absent work that needs to be completed.

Please contact me if you have any questions or concerns. I will be e-mailing the first progress report early next week. Have a great weekend.

Mary Niccolai


Science News and Updates

Erin Weis erin.weis@yorkville.k12.wi.us

7th graders have begun learning about the characteristics of living things and will finish chapter 2 next week after learning about the necessities and building blocks of life. They will have their first test Friday next week on Chapter 2. I encourage students to study actively, meaning not just rereading the text or directed reading. Active studying includes drawing pictures in the margins, highlighting key words, making flashcards to study aloud, or using Quizlet. The big question is always ‘what do I need to know?’, so as a rule of thumb, students should know the answers to all the objectives in each section of the book and the vocabulary.

They will be doing their first lab on Monday where they will be introduced to the scientific method and formal lab reports. We will be testing to see if yeast is alive by testing to see if yeast metabolizes sugar.

In general, students will get a monthly participation grade that would be more accurately described as preparedness. If a student doesn’t have their book, notebook, chromebook (or it is not charged) or assignment, they will lose the point for the day. These materials are necessary for student success. Please check skyward and the homework calendar regularly. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. Have a great weekend!

Mrs. Weis



Dear Parents,

This weeks in Spanish class have been very productive. I am happy to report that most students are now really comfortable working with the language everyday.

Some routines are already established: students enter the room and look for the “Campanada” which is their bell-ringer work, that they complete independently and help them both develop good working habits and to set their mind into the Language from the beginning of the class. This work has a known structure, and it is different everyday, in a way that connects the contents from the prior day to what we are doing that day. Feel free to ask your student to open Google Classroom for you so you can have a taste on how they look like.

Students are getting familiar with the numbers, using them everyday when we check our calendar.

We read about fictional characters and actors and completed introductions for them and our friends. Our classes’ artists started working on characters that will be part of our class stories. These are just three of them that keep me company.

We started and will continue talking about the “Moles of Mexico” a group of real life heroes that enter collapsed buildings to rescue victims during earthquakes. In this way, the students that enjoy real life stories are more engaged with the content, using the language without even thinking about it.

Your students are able to tell what they like and dislike and introduce their friends and their likes. We keep practising on this.

These past weeks have been already very productive. I am very proud of these students and their level of engagement. Thanks for your support from home!

Sra. Giganti


Social Studies News and Updates

John Johnsen john.johnsen@yorkville.k12.wi.us

This week in U.S History we finished up looking at Chapter 10 which focused on the Jefferson and Madison as president. Some of the main objectives where the election of 1800 that ended in a tie, buying the Louisiana Territory and the War of 1812. Students completed the test over the chapter and created a comic strip over one of the events they learned from this chapter.

Next week we will start chapter 11 which will focus on the country growing. We will start by looking at the Industrial Revolution and how that had such a large impact on the New England Region. We will also look at how machines led to the growth of cities. Have a great weekend. Mr. Johnsen


Gym/Health News and Updates

Amanda Peterson amanda.peterson@yorkville.k12.wi.us

This week in PE the 7th graders have been playing Flag Football! We have had a great time being active and soaking up the nice weather! We will continue our Flag Football game play next week as long as the weather permits!

This week in health the 7th graders started their newscast projects on unintentional injuries, which includes bike safety, water safety, fire safety, dog bites, ATV safety, and many more. The students are having a great time getting their creative juices flowing to construct something beneficial for their peers to enjoy and learn from!


Band News and Updates

Mike Beix mike.beix@yorkville.k12.wi.us

Band Website: tinyurl.com/yorkvilleband

The Advanced Band is off to a great start this year! Our students performed the Star Spangled Banner and God Bless America at the PTO Fall Fun Fest on Saturday, September 30. We are preparing music for our next performance at the Yorkville School Veteran’s Day assembly on Friday, November 10.

Please note that Advanced Band meets every Tuesday, Thursday, and every other Friday. Band lessons are scheduled for Wednesdays and Fridays.

Jazz Band meets every Wednesday from 3:45-4:15 starting October 11. Students interested in joining the Jazz Band can sign up in the band room.


Choir News and Updates

Carly Kreuscher



We are off to a great start. The choir has been preparing for our Veteran’s Program and will soon start working on our Winter Concert music.

It’s not too late to join if you are interested. Please come see me if you are. We would love to have you in CHOIR!!!