The Evil in Money

The Reeve's corruption in action

Introduction to the Reeve

The Reeve was a very thin and frail old man. He didn't have a beard and what of it he did have it was very short. His hair looked like a bowl cut. He was feared by the rest of the pilgrims because of his knowledge of gossip. He had a large sum of money tucked away that he took from his master. He wore an overcoat of a bluish color and a long, rusty blade slung at his side.

How did he gather all this money?

The Reeve managed to accumulate all of this money because he basically just stole it from his master. He was in charge of managing his masters money and accounts and every now and then he would take some for his own personal gain. I guess you could say he had a love for money, enough to steal what wasnt his to steal.

Modern Example of the Reeve

Bernie Madoff

In the same situations Bernard "Bernie" Madoff was a stockbroker/accountant like the Reeve. Madoff owned a firm on Wall Street that managed stocks and other related items in regards to other companies financial gains. Financial analyst Harry Markopolos alerted the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commision) about Madoff's fraud in his firm. He was later investigated and arrested on December 11, 2008 and charged with securities fraud. He posted the $10 million needed for his bail and remains under close watch.
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How are these (criminals) similar?

They both pillaged money out of the systems, just in defferent ways. In the Reeve's case he stole money from his master, and in Madoff's case he stole money from businesses. Both are corrupted by the very from of money and the love of it.