Makiah Hobbs

1st Period

Sydney, Australia

June 14, 2015 - June 20, 2015
Total Price of travel-

7,667 without grocery price

Dear Traveler,

If you go on this trip to Sydney, Australia you will have a very good time. You get to sit on the beach, swim with sharks, tour pretty places, and eat at places you probably never heard of till now. You can eat at The Spice Room, Pizza Boccone, Diwine Sydney, and Playfair Cafe' and Sandwich Bar. Wouldn't you want to see so species of birds we don't have here? Stay at beautiful hotels? You can wake up early in the morning and watch the sunrise as you walk on Sydney Harbor Bridge. You can do lots of things you've never done before. Can walk on the side of a cliff and along side beaches for six miles. I hope you have a wonderful time in Sydney i know i would.


Makiah Hobbs

Vacation Itinerary

June 14th-

  • Wake Up at 7am
  • Leave for airport at 8:15am
  • Departure at 9:53am
June 15th-

  • Arrival at 6:25am
  • rent car and drive to hotel
  • eat breakfast at hotel
  • go to Bondi Beach
  • eat lunch at Playfair Cafe' & Sandwich
  • Go to hotel around 3 or 4pm
June 16th

  • Wake Up at 8:30am
  • eat breakfast at hotel
  • Tour Opera House
  • eat lunch at Pizza Boccone
  • walk on Sydney Harbor Bridge
  • go to Bondi Beach
  • eat dinner at Diwine Sydney
  • go to hotel around 7pm
June 17th

  • Wake up at 9am
  • eat breakfast at hotel
  • go to Manly Sea Life Sanctuary
  • swim with sharks
  • eat life at The Spice Room
  • Bondi to Coogee walk 2-6pm
  • go to hotel
  • eat at hotel
June 18th

  • wake up at 6am
  • eat breakfast at hotel
  • Zest for Birds at 7:30
  • lunch during zest for birds
  • dinner at Busshari Japanese Restaurant
  • go to Bondi Beach
  • go to hotel
June 19th

  • wake up at 9am
  • eat breakfast at hotel
  • Royal Botanic Gardens 10:30am
  • lunch at Playfair Cafe' & Sandwich
  • Bondi Beach
  • dinner at Medusa Greek Taurna around 6pm
  • go to hotel
June 20th

  • wake up at 1am
  • lunch at the Spice Room
  • Bondi Beach
  • dinner at Kouzina Greco 7pm
  • go to hotel
June 21st

  • wake up at 7:30am
  • drive to airport at 9am
  • Departure at 9:50
  • Arrive at 5:10pm