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Along with spring and basketball, is the long stretch to the end of the school year. Members of sd57 student advisory council were talking about the stress of completing high school at a recent school board meeting. I thought I would follow this up by sending to you tips, strategies, and resources on helping your teen deal with these sometimes challenging times. The newpaper article is below, as well as great go to sites for you and your teens. Anxiety BC has a Mindshift app to download to smartphones - check it out!

Linda Campbell

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for parents and families

"As parents, nothing is as important to us as our child’s health and well-being. Throughout their lives we play a vital role in their development, striving to ensure that they reach their optimal physical, mental and emotional well-being. Our involvement is central to their wellness. When we have concerns about our child’s well-being, working in collaboration with school personnel and mental health professionals can go a long way in ensuring that our child is being given every opportunity to be healthy and happy. Staying informed, learning all that we can about child and youth mental health, being there to guide them and advocate for them can make a world of difference. The links below may be helpful to parents wanting to learn more about mental health." FROM THE CENTER FOR EXCELLENCE FOR MENTAL HEALTH (ONTARIO)

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a great site anxiety bc - you can download the app on your smartphone for easy access

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below are "postcards" that were sent to high school staff about student mental health issues/ click pdfs below

stress and coping

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Got test anxiety? The Final Exam
The 5-minute stress buster

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