The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Robert Jackson


The Authors text structure defines Walter Mitty's characterization by showing that he changes throughout the story

Walter Mitty was treated horribly by other people.

The mechanic made fun of him for not knowing how to take the chains off of the tire. His wife is always bossing him around and is very controlling towards Mitty.
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Walter Mitty's daydreams had an effect on him.

In one daydream he was a pilot of an military bomber and he became more confident from this daydream and stood up for himself by talking back to his wife and she was shocked because he never did that before. One he was flying an airplane through a huricane and he woke up in his car going 55 miles per hour which was to fast for his wife.
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The last day dream Walter Mitty had seemed to change him.

Mitty was standing in front of a firing squad and he lit a cigarette because thats what he asked for and it seemed he gained enough confidence to change him and make him be able to stand up for himself and ignore the people that make fun of him. The other is that Mitty died while having a day dream or this daydream changed him
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Walter Mitty lives his life the way he wants to live it.