Mrs. Lally's Weekly Newsletter

October 17 - October 21, 2016

A Note From Mrs. Lally

Whew! We made it through a busy week! The kids did a great job working this week and had fun during board game time Friday afternoon! I can tell many students studied!

Things to know:

Progress Reports are in Friday Folders. Please sign the envelope and return it on Monday. You can keep the contents of the envelope. I will be updating grades this weekend, so those grades could change by next week. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Book Fair preview was on Friday. Our class will make purchases on Tuesday, Oct 18 @ 1:30. There is additional information on the green flyer in Friday Folders.

Science Fair proposals are due this coming Friday (10/21). If this is something your child wishes to participate in, please see the packet on my eClass page. Some students also took packets from STEM on Friday.


This week students will be introduced to factors and prime and composite numbers.

We will be using a factor rainbow (see video).

Reader's Workshop

We are continuing practicing finding the main idea and summarizing with non fiction texts.

The weekly reading log is due on Fridays. No reading log = study hall.

Writer's Workshop

This week we are continuing to write about opinions using a thesis statement and examples to support our thesis.

Our grammar skill this week is adding quotation marks. The students were introduced this skill this week, and did well overall.

Quotation Mark Game

Quotation Mark Quiz


This week's vocabulary words are "Range of Mood" words. Click on the grey buttons below to study the vocabulary online. The spelling city link is also below. (I will also put these on eClass.)

Remember: the completed spelling packet is due on Friday! Students will have study hall if this is not completed.


We will begin our unit on the Solar System this week!

Social Studies

This week we will begin our unit on colonization.


Monday: Day 7: Entrepreneurship

Tuesday: Day 8: Math

Wednesday: Day 1: P.E.

Thursday: Day 2: Art

Friday: Day 3: Music

eClass Reminders

- As homework, a math question will be posted on my eClass page weekly. That homework is due by Thursday each week and can be found on the right of the website. This will be treated like homework - if it is not complete they will be in study hall.

- There will also be a link to Spelling City with our weekly words to practice in the news section.

- If you do not have computer access at home: your child will be responsible for doing this work in the morning at school, during math centers, or in study hall.

Test/Quiz Reminders

Friday: Spelling Test