Paper Towns

Adriyunna Leamon

Brief summary

Quentin Jacobsen and Margo Roth Spieglman were friends when they were younger. Until Margo grew up and grew popular. Quentin fell in love with Margo and never stopped. So one night she climbs in his window asking to borrow his car. They spend a whole night together and the next day she goes missing. Margo sends Quentin to a paper town, leaving clues to assist him. Most seniors spend prom night dancing but these seniors go searching for a girl who doesn't want to be found.

List of characters

  • Margo
  • quentin
  • lacey pemberton(margo's bestfriend)
  • Ben starling(quentin's bestfriend)
  • Radar(quentin's other bestfriend)


Chasing after what you want in life, no matter whats left behind.

Important event

Margo and Quentin go on an adventure to do mischievous pranks and break into sea world.
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all young teenage high school students.
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trait 1: adventorus

evidence:when she opens Q's window late at night asking for his car.

trait 2:mysterious

evidence: she leaves clues for Quentin to find her

quote:"You can see how fake it all is. It's a Paper Town."