Livin' Like The 1920s

written by: Rachel Burroughs

New! Today!

When researching how live was lived in the 1920s a sudden realization was made. Many high school students still live like it was the 20s. Many of the young women in the world rebel against the normal standards and go out dancing in front of young men. Heaven forbid they also wear dresses down to their knees with small straps to show their shoulders. Granted this was not the way all the teenagers and young adults acted back then or now.
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Students back then and now are just as social. In fact, students are seen so all over texting on their phones and being so social that they don't even notice their friends walking by them in the hallway. Such social butterflies. Just like the 1920s. People may not have had the type of technologies we do now, but boy oh boy were they social. They loved hanging out with friends and going to social events. They would get a group of people together and just go dancing! Such similarities between the two. Students are social and well put together that they get their chores done and have calm and agreeing households. Just like today! The kids and parents are so social that they manage to miss each other at every possible moment except for the occasion family dinner that brings much fun and laughter.

A Thanks To The Publisher

Mrs. Matthews at the Lake Highlands High School gazette for allowing me to be their newest editor.