By Jess


China is a country located in Asia. China is one of the biggest continents in Asia – It is also the most populated country in the world. Chinese food is very different to our food. They have lots of spicy food.

What’s eaten in China...

Chinese food is very different to western food. Some of the foods they eat are stirred fried lobster, steamed dumplings, soy steamed fish, sweet & sour meat e.t.c.

Their main course is usually fish and steamed vegetables- such as green onion, bok choy and beans. They usually include flavours such as spices - ginger, garlic and chilli. Chinese food usually doesn’t include desert because it is mostly dairy and they don’t have many cows around. Instead, they choose to have fresh fruit.

Chinese New Year

Festivals are very important to Chinese people Chinese New Year is a very important festival because it marks the last day of winter - Chinese New Year is in January. On Chinese New Year, they have fire crackers, drummers and people dressing up as dragons dancing down the street. The biggest festival they celebrate is called ‘Chinese New Year.’ On Chinese New Year, children under 18 receive red envelopes that include money.

How Chinese food is served

Chinese food is served very differently to our food – instead of using knife and fork, they use chopsticks. Here are the things they have when a meal is served:

· Rice bowl

· Chopsticks

· Soup spoon

· Plate & discard plate

· Sauce dish

· Tea cup

· Napkin

It is very important that tea is served during a meal.


Did you know that Chinese people use to use knife and fork as weapons?