Science Minimum Days

Please take note

Thornhill minimum days for school wide focus on Science Collaboration:

Thornhill has been focused on writing for the last 4 years. Although we have seen great gains in our students’ ability to write, we also know that with the California Common Core and Next Generation Science Standards, our students need more support in Science Literacy. Our staff is excited about our minimum days for collaboration in science. We have 6 days this year that our Thornhill staff has devoted to professional development. These 6 minimum days total 9 hours for the school year. Our instructional minutes are approved by the district and state to support this focus. Additionally, we value teacher collaboration as the biggest driver for improving the educational outcomes of students. This announcement was in the PFC Newsletter on August 18th. To subscribe to the weekly newsletter, please go to

The first of these Science Collaboration Days is six weeks away on

October 6th

Mark your calendars for the following dates!

OCT 6th

NOV 3rd

FEB 2nd

MAR 2nd

MAY 4th

JUN 1st

We thank you for your understanding and support in our focus on Science Literacy. I also look forward to seeing you on Wednesday, August 30 from 6-7pm for Back to School Night (please note, this important event is for adults only).


Mr. Daubenspeck