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New Consultants: Getting Started and Helpful Tips!

Congratulations, Stephanie! I am so happy to have you on my team!

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As you get started, here are some helpful tips to help you hit the ground running! Call me, email me, or text me if you have any questions: 847-809-3153 and gobermonkey@gmail.com I am here to help!

Behind The Counter (BTC)

While you are anxiously waiting for your Beautcounter package of awesomeness, take the time to familiarize yourself with Behind the Counter. Login and check out the training section. (see pictures below for what it looks like.) Click on Training along the top navigation bar and click on Business. Along the left you will see a series of options. I recommend starting by clicking on Getting Started and following along with the training in order. It makes the most sense that way, and I have found it to be extremely helpful. There is a LOT of information. It can feel overwhelming. Don't try to get through all of the training in super big chunks! Info overload! But spending 5-10 minutes here and there can be very helpful. Also, at the bottom of the left navigation bar you can see where it says Training By Topic. That is very helpful because you can see more specific topics for if you have a specific concern or question.

Start with the Quick Start. This will be a great brain exercise to help get you started.

If you haven't already made your 100 Person List- do that now! It is a growing list that is never fully finished. Add on to it as you meet new people and as you think of more potential clients and consultants. Write down the name of the person, why they are perfect for Beautycounter, why Beautycounter is perfect for them, and leave a space for notes where you can write down that you have contacted them, when they become a client, a Band of Beauty Member, or a consultant on your team :-)

We have a great "Start Counting" program to use as a guide to your success, which I will share with you here. You have already earned your $100 product credit when you purchased your package!!! You will see that credit appear next month. There is also a "Start Counting" tracker on BTC, so you can know exactly where you are at.

This Investment Calculator will help you set some financial goals to track earning back your initial investments into your new business.

Keep our Comp Plan One Pager somewhere where you can access it easily. I am constantly comparing my sales to this plan to make sure that I am maximizing my commissions and not leaving money on the table. This compensation plan can take some time to get used to understanding so definitely ask questions if you have them!

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Be sure to "like" Beautycounter on Facebook and Instagram. I have already added you to some private groups where you can ask questions and get a ton of information. The Closed Groups that I added you to are Team Happenings (the most important IMO and the one I access the most), Business Tips, Kudos and Welcome, and Team Force for Change. You can always ask me questions- however, if you are waiting to hear back from me or you are already on Facebook, utilize the search option on these pages which you can see from a computer not a phone. For example, you could type in sampling or samples and see all kinds of ideas and advice from different consultants. You should see that you are approved over the next day or so because they are closed and need admin approval.

There are also some great consultant pages to follow. Search the names of these in the search bar and then click on them and click Like in order to follow. A few of my favorites:

Beautycounter by Jen Schultz

Beautycounter by Tara Woodland

Beautycounter- Truth in Beauty

Beautycounter by Michelle Skinner

GROW & GLOW: The Inside Out of Family Wellness

We mostly all share and copy each other's stuff- so don't ever worry about doing that. However, I always try to add my personal touch by changing up the wording a bit so it sounds like me. If you decide to create a separate Facebook page for your Beautycounter business, the way that we are supposed to word the name of it is simply "Beautycounter by (consultant name)." In all of your announcements, posts, emails, etc. please be aware that Beautycounter is one word, with only the "B" capitalized. You will see it written incorrectly (even by some who should know better), but I want you to know because it is very important to our brand. During your training you will come across some social media etiquette and some important branding information. Be sure to read these guidelines.


Voxer is a free app for your phone. Add it and sign up! Once you do, I will add you to our team Voxer chat. This is a fun and easy way to ask questions, share positive experiences and ideas, and ask for advice. You can either type like a text or push the walkie talkie and just start talking. It is so fun to hear everyone's voices! It is another great support system only smaller and more intimate than the larger Facebook groups.

Social Media Tips

Below are some social media tips that Beautycounter's Tara Woodland put together. They are very helpful!

"I’ve had several requests to share some of my knowledge on social media. I know many of you have wonderful tips to add so please do so as I’m not an expert and have been learning as I go. I use social media to a large extent for my business and find that is has brought me many clients and prospects that may not otherwise have happened. It allows me to passively share information regarding Beautycounter and healthy living tips and while many people are commenting and “liking” my posts, there are so many others just watching and reading. I’ll get messages from time to time from old classmates or friends that mention they have been following my posts, but never have liked a single one. There are a lot of consumers of social media that aren’t actively participating.

  1. Why social media?

The reality is that social media is here to stay and is a great way to increase exposure and allow a platform other than word of mouth do some of the work for you. There are some tips and tricks to get the biggest bang for your buck so I’m hoping to share some of them with you. Visibility is important in this line of business and you want to increase your reputation as an expert in the safe beauty world. You want people to know what you do and for you to be their go to person. Through social media you will be able to let people know this without specifically telling them. HQ wants us to refrain from creating our own images as the brand appearance is extremely important to Gregg Renfrew. With that being said, if you are going to create your own please try to keep it in line with the brand. There are some great photo editing apps for your phone. My personal favorite are typorama, Wordswag, Rhonna designs, pic stitch.

  1. Which social media platform to use?

There are many out there and ultimately you need to find what works best for you. Since Beautycounter is focused on education it’s important to find a platform that allows you to share information in addition to pictures. My personal favorites as they are oldies, but goodies, are Facebook, and Instagram. Twitter is also decent, but I never personally got into that. Snapchat is fun, but not sure it’s the best platform for our audience. LinkedIn is an important tool as well to increase exposure. I know a few of you have received leads off LinkedIn. Pinterest is also a good tool but may not be the easiest to use. Whatever platform you decide to use, pick 2 or 3 and focus on them to build your network. If you have too many going on they will suffer.


This one is important for a few reasons. It’s easy to navigate and share a large amount of information in a few different ways. It’s been around awhile and while it isn’t as popular with the younger generations it’s still important to utilize. Plus, our team pages are on here and we share a lot of important information on there. I have kept my personal page private for the most part and don’t accept every friend request I get, but I have been a little more judicious with who I’m friends with. I’ve met a lot of people at different functions and parts of my life and I’ve become “friends” with them along the way. Some I haven’t really stayed in contact with, but it increases the amount of people in my warm market. The key is visibility! If you are going to be using social media for business you will also want to consume it, meaning liking and commenting on your friend’s posts. You don’t have to spend all day doing so, but take a little time to do something everyday. One of the most important aspects of this job is building relationships with those around you.

Now you’ll have to decide if you use your personal page, business page or a group. I personally use all three and here’s why. Not all of my friends “like” or are part of my business page or group so every so often I post an important article/information or a fun picture related to Beautycounter to say “hey, I’m still here doing this incredibly fun and kick ass job”. Otherwise, my group has been my go to for posting Beautycounter information and general health and wellness info. I want to be known as a Beautycounter expert, but I want people to also get information from me how to live a healthy life all around.

What to post and tips on posting

The main Beautycounter page posts some great articles otherwise I get a lot of my information from EWG, healthy child healthy world, healthy legacy, Women’s Voices for the Earth, Safer Chemicals, Healthy Families, Breast Cancer Fund, Mind Body Green, Campaign for Safe Cosmetics to name a few. Also be sure to follow BC, Gregg Renfrew, and Christy Coleman on Instagram as they put some novel pictures and posts on there as well. You will want to post a variety of types of posts, links, and pictures (single and groups). When posting links to articles or videos also include a brief synopsis of it as most people aren’t actually going to take the time to read the article or watch the video. If posting to your personal page make the post public and include a few hashtags to increase viewing (#betterbeauty #beautycounter #safebeauty #beautyonamission).

If the post is about someone be sure to tag them in the post. This will make it viewable to their friends assuming their settings allow it.

If someone comments on your post, don’t just like the post, but reply or post a comment. When you comment or someone else comments it will move the post to the top of the page so it will become viewable to your friends again. So, occasionally I’ll wait to comment or reply until later in the day when I want to increase viewing of the post.


So, if you start a group I would recommend finding a name to allow you to not only focus on Beautycounter, but some other area that you are interested in as well. This gives the posts some variety and people won’t get annoyed and leave. ☺ You will need to decide if the group is private, closed or public. That one is up to you, but I would advise to not make it private as no one will be able to find it. Public allows anyone into the group but you can get some creepers and I’m a control freak so I want to be able to accept or decline anyone. You can still set tags so people can still find your page and request to join. If you are setting up a new group do so before you add everyone. Set up the cover photo, any pictures or posts you want to add ahead of time. As soon as people get added they will receive a notification for every post you make and you don’t want to drive them crazy with 50 million posts about all the pictures you are adding. You will have to add one person at set up so I just added my hubby. I went ahead and added all my clients and those that I felt would like to hear this information. I know others don’t like the idea of adding people and want them to add themselves so you can share the group to your personal page asking that people join it explaining what it is about. I put in the description that if someone didn’t want to be a part of the group they may leave and also let them know how to adjust notifications on the posts.

As for frequency of posting to the group I would keep it to about once a day at most to avoid being annoying to your members. That’s my personal opinion, but our goal is to not ambush people with information even if we are really excited about it. There are always exceptions to the rule like the announcement of the Target collaboration or the mascara launch. I’ve found the group to be more personable and more people engage in my posts.


The direction that the facebook algorithms have gone for business pages makes it really hard to get the visibility on posts without paying for it. There are some tricks, but they seem to change with the weather, so I’m not going to specifically post them. With that being said there are some benefits to having a business page. I have boosted my page a few times over the past 2 years to get likes. Granted most of the likes were not going to be customers based on their page appearance, but you win some and you lose some. As for what I post to my business page, at this point I don’t post every day and I will rotate through the types of posts similarly to how I post to my personal and group page. I will occasionally boost a post to achieve greater visibility, like the Target Launch or a recruiting type of post. I remind myself that when I’m doing this it’s because it’s a business and I will sometimes need to spend a little money to make a little money (but always be smart about it).


I have personally chosen to not use this as my main form of communication as not all of my facebook friends want to see all my posts about Beautycounter, health and wellness so I spare them. ☺ I like the 1 BC post to 5 personal post ratio, but again there are exceptions to the rule like the Target announcement! When I do post here I make those posts public so more people will see them.

When to post to FB:

A full 75 percent of your post’s lifetime impressions are reached after just two and a half hours.

  • Quick Sprout: Thursdays and Fridays, either at 1 p.m. for the most shares, or 3 p.m. for the most clicks. As explained, “The less people want to be at work, the more they are on Facebook!”
  • Optimizely: Mondays through Thursdays between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m.
  • Microsoft: Thursdays and Fridays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.
  • Hubspot: Thursdays and Fridays from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.


This is one of my favorite ways to increase your cold market. It’s easy to find people that you don’t know through common interests and hashtags. Instagram relies heavily on hashtags for viewing your posts. Instagram is mainly for pictures so you want them to be eye catching and get the point across. Also, variety is important as I’ve found people don’t just want to see pictures of products, so I’ll add a selfie in here and there, a picture of Elijah, and various other things like my food. ☺ When I post to instagram I try to think about what type of people I’m trying to appeal to and generally it’s people into health and fitness so that’s the direction I’ve taken this. I’ve built a solid following based on my CrossFit posts, so don’t want to lose followers by going only to Beautycounter now, but I will put a post up here and there about Beautycounter to let people know I’m doing it and I’ve had pretty good luck with it. I’ve recently started a second account just for health, wellness and Beautycounter as I want to share more BC info, but not drive my other followers crazy. IG has made it really easy to flip back and forth now. When trying to get followers a lot of people want the follow for follow approach and that’s fine, but remember you are going to quality not just quantity.

When to post to IG:

What time are people waking up and doing their first-thing-in-the-morning-Insta-scroll? Do they work full-time? Where do they live? Consider your audience’s down time such as between meetings, commuting, lunch, and before bed. All of these are things to think about when trying to match post time with your audience’s use time.

  • Hubspot: Anytime from Monday to Thursday except from 3 p.m. to 4 p.m.
  • Latergramme: Wednesday at 5 p.m.
  • Weekdays between 6 a.m. and 12 p.m.

Some things to Consider: email address and checking account

I didn't do this, but many people do. You may want to create a separate Beautycounter email address that your customers will begin to use. Go Behind the Counter and create your E-Signature. BTC...Training...Training by Topic...Search... How to create your Beautycounter Email Signature.

I only recently did this, and am finding it really helpful to keep track of earnings and business spending. You may want to establish a separate checking/savings account for your business. For JT and me, we simply created another checking account with the bank we already have our joint account with. We just linked the debit card that I already had to the new account as the default. This will help keep your BC business separate from family finances and make information easier to find. Keep track of products ordered for sales/marketing purposes (displays, raffle items, sample packs, look books, etc), travel expenses (milage), food for socials, ink cartridges, etc. for Tax Deduction purposes. I keep this info/receipts in a folder and make sure I keep it up to date each month. Beautycounter will give you a paycheck each month (around the 10th), either through the mail or through EFT. EFT is much easier and you can set this up Behind the Counter. Beatycounter does not take taxes out of your paycheck. We get a 1099 form at the end of the year showing the total income.

Welcome Letter from Laura Stenovec

We are all on Managing Director Laura Stenovec's team. Here is a link to our team's official welcome letter with some great words of advice.

SOCIALS- Get togethers, gatherings, or whatever you want to call them :-)

Schedule your launch gathering for all of your friends and family in the next two weeks. It can be coffee in the morning while the kids play, snacks while they nap, wine and cheese in the evening, or whatever works best for your schedule.

Socials: A little word that holds so much potential—and a bit of mystery at the same time. We encourage Socials as an efficient way to expand your network, strengthen and consistently build your business. But what exactly is a Social? Quite simply, it’s our word for a gathering where everyone is learning about Beautycounter. If the word feels daunting, use “get-together” or “grab a few friends” instead when reaching out to potential Hosts.

Although the concept of a Social is straightforward, we know booking one can feel tricky at times. How do you ask for one? When should you reach out? Who would make a great Host? Let’s remove the mystery and make Socials nothing but magic for your business.

How to Get Social

Three prime opportunities to introduce the idea of a Social are: 1) during your daily routine; 2) at a product drop-off or one-on-one appointments; 3) at a Social. Let’s break down each opportunity and review some language to use in each situation.

1) Daily Routine

You most likely talk about Beautycounter on a daily basis, whether on the sidelines of a baseball game or during a run-in at the grocery store. Talking about a healthy lifestyle or “What a gorgeous lip color” is often all it takes to get the conversation started (a good reason to always wear Beautycounter products and have samples handy!). Once you touch upon our mission, people are generally open to learning more.

What to Say

As the conversation progresses, you can bring up say Socials by saying something like, “I love to get together a group of people to educate our community about what is going into the products we all use everyday. We could get a few of your friends together to learn more about Beautycounter, maybe in the evening over a glass of wine, or in the morning with coffee. It is always fun and a great way to see all of our products. I’d love to do a get-together with you!”

If there is interest, continue with, “Great—I can give you a call tomorrow morning to choose a date. Does 10 AM work for you to connect?”

2) One-on-One Appointments and Product Drop-Offs (with live links to our Consultant Fundamentals)

One-on-one appointments and product drop-offs are great opportunities to introduce the option of holding a Social, as your potential Host has already demonstrated an interest in Beautycounter.

What to Say

One of the best times to talk about the benefits of hosting a Social is while discussing skincare routines or taking a product order. Our Wish List is the perfect tool to use during this conversation. “Anne, these products are the perfect introduction to Beautycounter. I wrote down everything you might eventually like to try, and here’s an option for what you aren’t purchasing today: What if we gather some of your girlfriends together? I’ll give a quick Beautycounter overview and talk about the importance of safer products and then let them play with the products (can’t wait to fill everyone in on your favorites!) and, based on the orders at your Social, you can earn the products on your wish list for free and/or half-off.”

If there is interest, continue with, “Great! Would something like a Sunday afternoon work best for you, or is a weekday morning better?” Bring your calendar to offer options that work for you. Your goal is to always book the next appointment at an appointment.

3) At a Social

Your guests are having a great time while learning new information. (Click HERE to learn more about holding a Social.) Follow this two-step process to naturally introduce the idea of hosting a Social of their own.

What to Say

Step 1: Announce that anyone can hold a Social with you

During your Beautycounter overview, mention the ways guests can get involved (as a Client, Member, or Consultant or by hosting a Social), then elaborate on hosting a Social by saying something like: “If you are feeling like I did when I first learned this information (questioning what my mom, my sisters, and my best friends were using, and—what they are putting on their little ones), then I’d love to do something similar with your friends and family in your home. It can be as easy as sitting at the kitchen table with some cheese, crackers, and a bottle of wine, or maybe stopping by after morning drop-off for coffee. Either way, I’d love to let those you care about know what’s going on in this industry and how we can all make better choices. I’ll talk to you about this a little bit later, but for now, let’s dive into the products. At long last, our mascara is here!”

Step 2: Make it happen

After this, your guests will continue to ask questions, linger over product decisions, and eventually place orders. I recommend placing your guests’ orders in an area out of earshot from the rest of the Social. This provides the setting to again connect with your guests with normal niceties and product talk and to then broach the topic of hosting. Say something like: “Anne, it was great meeting you tonight and I had such a nice time getting to know you a little bit. I’d love to do something similar with you and your friends or neighbors soon. We can even use this as a great excuse to get the girls together for a girls’ night in… Let’s do it! Would a weekday evening (Thursday?) work best, or is a weekend afternoon better timing?”

Setting a Date

Not everyone will be interested in hosting a Social when you ask them. That’s OK! A general rule of thumb is that you need to ask seven to 10 people before you book one Social. You won’t always set a date for the Social then and there. Some people need to check their calendars or ask their friends—though you could try, “There is never one date that works for everyone, so let’s go with the date that works best for you.”


Will all of this Socializing work? Absolutely. With all of your efforts, you’ll be expanding your business, your network and our mission in no time.

Face/Skin Kit FAQs

1) What is a face kit or a skin kit? A face/skin kit is any product/s you choose to leave with a client for a couple days with some handy reading material too. Can be the Essential Line, Countertime Line or a combination - could even throw in the Kids Products! This is the beauty, you can customize to your prospective client. I always drop my kits in a Beautycounter pouch. They are gorgeous and easy. If you didn't get one with your product investment package, see the Business Aids tips above for details on how to order. I have also included a link to Laura Stenovec's video on Face Kits. A great listen! Password: FaceKit

2) Does it need to be a sample size? No. Typically I give full bottles to my clients because the entire experience will be more enjoyable and will be harder to part with. If I'm giving up my product and won't have anything to use, pump some product into little jars for yourself to use during that time. Sample sizes can be nice for products that comes in a jar, we don't want to have people dipping fingers in products that have a screw top. If they live far away, sample sizes are usually the way I share products.

3) How long do they keep my product? I usually say 3-4 days - not too short. Drop on Monday, pick up on Thursday. Drop those ones off on Thursday, pick up on Sunday. Start the cycle again with your wait list of clients.

4) What to include in the kit? There are some great pictures to give you ideas, but along with product I always include the following. You will find most clients will leave the paperwork in the pouch when they return so you can reuse.

  • Personal Note
  • My card
  • Beautycounter Trifold (details how to order under Business Aids)
  • Tip Card - We have them for Countertime, Essentials and Sunscreen
  • Order Form
  • Opportunity Brochure

5) Have your client work for you. When you drop the face kit off, let them know that you will offer free shipping to her if she has someone that she thinks would like it too! And remind her that if she really likes something, fill out the order form so you can make sure she gets her own quickly! This way it doesn't feel so awkward when you pick up the face kit and ask her if she wants to get something. I absolutely LOVE this part - the hard part is the ask right? So take out the ask and add an order form right in the bag:)

6) What do you say? People love samples and the chance to try new products. I ask friends who I know are like minded or who have liked a post or two on my personal or business page. I wouldn't start by saying "Would you like to test out some Beautcounter products?" Easy answer is "no." Why not try..."I just got one of my sample kits back and I thought of you! I think you would LOVE this company and the products. I can drop samples to you on my way to dropping Brady at school tomorrow and pick up on Monday. Easy peasy :)"

7) Get those Kits out there! I love this channel for our products - great to drop off on the way to school, at lunch or after work. If your kits are at your house, they aren't working for you, so get them out there!!

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A Note About Packaging

How gorgeous are these products??? Your entire starter package features the new packaging, but it is still slowly rolling out right now in the US. At this time, we are working through the product in the current packaging so as not to create unnecessary waste of perfectly good packaging. You can see on Beautycounter's website that already some of the products have switched to the new packaging.
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Business Aids Lookbook

Starting out is overwhelming. There is so much information coming at you, so I wanted to help break it down for you all. Below is a link to the Business Aid Lookbook. These are most of the items that Beautycounter has available for us to purchase. I say most because it isn't always continually updated. You don't need to buy everything! And right now they are updating a lot of the business aids to include the new packaging and new products so many items are not available at the moment anyway. Here are the ones I think are most important for you to consider as you begin to invest in your business with your earnings:

    • Lookbooks - These are expensive so I don't hand out or give away lightly, but they are a must have at socials so people can check out products and prices while you help other customers
    • Opportunity Brochure - include in every face kit drop
    • Beautycounter Trifold - include in every face kit drop
    • Nourishing (Essentials) and Rejuvenating (Countertime) Tip Cards - include in corresponding face kit drop
    • Essentials & Countertime Sample Set - These are great to mail to new prospects. I don't use these for clients in the same city. There is no urgency for them to use them and doesn't convert to sales as much as dropping off full size products do.
    • Tint Skin Samples - There isn't a photo of this in the Lookbook, but when you type in Tint Skin when you are placing an order it will pop up as an option. When people in town want to try Tint Skin, I drop off the full size tube to them, but when out of town people want to try I either send one of these or use the small plastic containers listed under Amazon purchases and squeeze out some of my product into each one.
    • Replacement Spatulas - Great price. I use these at socials to put in all the products that come in pots.
    • Beautycounter Pouch - I now give these as a host gift when I go to a social. We can buy for $8 and they retail for $30, so they make a great gift. They are also available to us BTC in ten packs.

Amazon Prime Purchases

I chose to buy some things off Amazon because of Amazon Prime and how fast I can get them. There are links to what I have bought in the past, but if those are out of stock there are always tons more listed if you search for the key words.

Mailing Samples

If a prospect lives near me, I always prefer to drop off a full size face kit. But if they live somewhere else, I send them the sample size. The only issue is sending these samples doesn't create the same usage urgency of dropping a kit because they know you are picking it up days later. When mailing samples, follow up is super important because sometimes they won't be used or tried if you don't. I also usually include a sample of the Lustro Face oil too because it is such an amazing product that people instantly notice a difference in their skin with. I put that sample into the plastic sample vials I have listed under Amazon purchases. Plastic bags similar to what I have in the photo can be bought at Michaels or Hobby Lobby. And then I mail them in a small bubble mailer. Postage is around $2.50 per mailer. And you can buy the mailers at any office shop, Target or even order via Amazon. I bought mine on a website called Eco Enclose. They specialize in environmentally friendly shipping supplies and the prices are reasonable. I like to use these because the company complements nicely the Beautycounter lifestyle.

Here is a list of what I include:

  • Samples
  • Personal Note
  • Beautycounter Trifold
  • My card
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