The Corps Of Discovery

By: Lexie MacDonald

The Missouri River.

The Missouri river was one of the main sources of travel for the Expedition group.

The men had to push the boats up stream against the Mighty Missouri's Current. This caused many difficulties such as; Boats overturning, Back breaking work, Storms also made this extremely difficult.

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Native American Tribes

The Men Came across many Native American tribes. All of the encounters were peaceful some of them even traded with Lewis, Clark and their men.

Some of the tribes they encountered with were; Osage, Sioux, Cheyenne, Crow, Mandan, Blackfeet, Flathead, Shoshone, and Nez Perce.

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Meriwether Lewis's Dog!?!?

Believe it or not Meriwether Lewis brought along a dog on the expedition to explore with. The dog's name was Seamen.

This dog went with Lewis to explore the new plant species as well as the Animals. THis dog also went on the canoe rides on the river.

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Animals discovered

Lewis was in charge of recording and sketching new and unidentified plant and animal species.

They discovered, Bison, Grey wolves, Badgers and even a Grizzly bear!!

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Louisiana Purchase

The Louisiana Purchase was a huge success for president Jefferson because he bought The whole Louisiana territory from Napoleon just for 15 million dollars.

In modern times if this bargain took place with the same price it would be 3 cents per acre.

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Great Falls

The men came across Five great waterfalls while traveling on the Missouri river thankfully, Lewis discovered them before their boats went plunging down the falls.

Lewis and Clark made the decision to have the men carry ALL of their stuff (including Boats) around the falls for 17 miles.

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Clark brought a slave along on the journey. The slaves name was York. York was a very tall, strong, and helpful african american.

After the journey was over York asked for his freedom and Clark declined but only ten years later York was freed.

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There was only one casualty on the Voyage. That casualty was Sgt. Floyd who died from appendicitis. Appendicitis is where your appendix ruptures.
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Fort Clatsop

Once the expedition made its way to the Pacific Ocean, They all were eager to start the journey home. They all knew they could not start the journey until Spring for winter was on it's way.

They created a camp (Fort Clatsop) To stay in for the gruesome winter season.

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Last but not least, Sacagawea. Sacagawea was a Native American teenager That was brought along by Charbonneau On the voyage... She was also pregnant.

She helped with routes, Trading with other native tribes, When a boat over turned she helped get all of the valuables WITH her baby on her back. She was an example of great courgae and kindness.

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