February 2013 newsletter

We NEED a team NAME & I would LOVE your suggestions please!

January is over...Hello February

January is over! Frankly, not my favorite jewelry selling month but so many of you qualified by selling $500 and grew your teams by sponsoring! Huge congratulations to all of you who met their goals and if it didn't go exactly as you hoped the good news is that February is here and tends to be a strong month. Speaking of goals, this year I am trying to sell at least $5k each month and sponsor 2 new stylists each month. I didn't hit either goal but I sponsored 1 new stylist. I better get busy sponsoring this month!

5/5/5 Challenge

For those of you ready to move on to February, here's a fun team incentive that will become a new monthly staple. Sell $500 by the 5th of the month and win a $5 gift card for Starbucks! You know you'll get there... Just get there sooner, and I'll buy you a cup of coffee. :) Easy!!
I want you to learn to "front load" your months. I will do this EVERY MONTH!!!

Who wants to sponsor?

So, who's looking to grow their team? I've made it a priority to mention the opportunity to anyone and everyone. For those of you who attended the Sacramento rally, you know how motivating and exciting was for Danielle to talk about deliberately, casual sponsoring.

Listen to the absolute best Sponsoring Training Call by Danielle... Sponsoring by Habit with 3 Simple Casual Comments. http://www.anymeeting.com/WebConference-beta/RecordingDefault.aspx?c_psrid=EC52D783864F

Ok... So here's the bottom line. Grow your business and be successful with Book-Sell-Sponsor. It's that easy. The more shows you have. The more people you meet. The more people you meet. The more people you talk to about Stella & Dot. The more people you talk to. The more people you book and sponsor. Who's with me?!!

Thank you for completing the survey & the WINNER is....(See video below)

Those of you that wanted to start scheduled coaching calls with me, LET'S START this week! Please send me an email of a few choices of day and times that will work the best for you.

1. We need a team name and I need some suggestions. Shaina would like me to keep "Stellar Dots" in the title if possible, so give your ideas ladies PLEASE.

2. I would like to create our own team FB page to better communicate schedules and contests that don't apply to all of the other teams. There are already so many and it's important to not get sucked in/overwhelmed with all of them but use them as a resource and tool for you to help with your business.
For those of you that don't have or use Facebook, is it possible to create one just for our team group? I feel this will offer better communication than emails alone.

Tips from the top...Featuring me...OH MY!

I would love your support and please listen in if possible. Wish me luck!!!!
Tips from the Top- Feb. 5th

Don't miss our Bay Area Bootcamp! Feb. 23rd, 2013

Join Bay Area and Sacramento Leaders at the beautiful Claremont Hotel in Berkeley as we gear up for the best Spring Season Ever!!

We'll be reviewing and training on:


9:00am - 9:30am - MEET STELLA & DOT

(Guests free for this portion only)

9:45am - 1:00pm - SPRING BOOTCAMP

Register today http://bootcamp-bayarea.eventbrite.com/

Stylists pay $20/advance on our eventbrite.

or $25/door

(stylist contribution offsets cost of room rental)

Please note:

To keep costs low for stylists, refreshments are not provided so please feel free to bring a snack and coffee with you!