Graduation Party Class of 2015!

It's a party not a school. #Class of 2015!

Graduation Party for Class of 2015! Why should you attend?

There is so many reasons for you to attend this awesome party! I don't want to bore you so here we go. Having fun is what life is all about, and going to this party will add that to your day. Meet friends, tell jokes, talk about school, and even more importantly DANCE! There will be a DJ!!!DJ!!!DJ!!!

Gradation Party Class of 2015!

Monday, April 27th, 4:30pm

Not the Cudahy High School.

The Party will be located at 2666 East Turn Around Avenue. It's a really big place, and it has everything required for a graduation party! LETS GOO!


4:30: Welcome to the Party!

5:00: DJ will arrive.

6:00: Grab a partner dance

6:45: Karaoke! Be prepeared. I suggest practicing before.

8:00: Discussion about what lies ahead.

10:00: Party is over.