Sea Turtles vs Humans

Who will win?

Why Sea Turtles Are Important To The World

Sea turtles have been around for millions of years. The oldest fossils of sea turtles to date go back to 150 million years ago, making them one of the oldest creatures alive today. They are a part of two main ecosystems: the beach and the sea. The help the ecosystems keep there equilibrium and if they were to be removed from their habitat, the ecosystem will be unbalanced. In many cultures sea turtles play big parts in cultural and spiritual roles. Also scientists have been researching them for many years and we still don't know nearly as much as we need. Save them before it too late to know more. Not to mention sea turtles are also a keystone species which means that if it wasn't there the ecosystem would be greatly affected. What we do to them comes straight back to us.

How We Can Help

1)Turn out lights near beach when possible.

2)Reduce the amount of garbage you produce, and pick up any trash you see on and around the beach.

3)Beware of sea turtle nesting areas and hatching turtles. DON'T DISTURB THEM!!!

4)Reduce the amount of chemicals you use.

5)Volunteer to help out when possible.

6)Use fishing nets that are safe for turtles, and be cautious when fishing.

We challenge you to come up with more ideas to help, and GO DO THEM.

Pick Up The Trash

Plastic bags and other plastic materials kill thousands of sea creature each year including sea turtles, chocking on them and possibly killing them. When a sea turtle swallows a plastic bag it becomes lodged in its gut causing a higher chance of death. Once it is ingested it wraps around the turtles digestive system and starves them to death. Turtles will also confuse thrash as jelly fish and consume it also increasing the chance of death. over 1 trillion plastic bags are used world wide every yeas, and about 10% of the end up in the ocean. So please don't be lazy if you see trash or you have trash in your hand think twice before you get rid of that trash.
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Loki the Sea Turtle

This is our sea turtle Loki. He is a juvenile Kemp's Ridley, which is the most endangered species of sea turtle. He was found my three fishermen, and they knew something was wrong. They gave him to VAQS, but he was sick and he had a body temperature of 45.8 degrees Fahrenheit . They gave him anti-biotics, and he was released 10/20/14. He was released from Virginia Beach, VA, just in time for the fall migration.
Va. Aquarium releases 3 rehabilitated sea turtles

Loki's Release 10/20/14

Save the sea turtles

Threats to Turtles-NOAA Fisheries


Ryan Kerr, Kimberly Negus, and Bryce Brown