Traveling through History

Queen Elizabeth 1/ The Age of Enlightenment

Elizabeth the first

Women have always been overlooked in the earlier days. For example; before the Elizabethan era it was natural for a man to rule England instead of a lady. If you were a lady then you would have to get married and have a child, it was usually a son, to become an heir to the throne. It was considered monstrous for a queen to rule. Until Queen Elizabeth came to the throne.

- [ ] Queen Elizabeth was born in Greenwich England, 1533 to Anne Boleyn and Henry the VIII. Her older sister Mary was around 17 and was heir to the throne, Elizabeth was supposed to be a male to become the heir to the throne. Her mother was beheaded. And she had 6 step mothers, but her father died and her younger brother, Edward VI, took over the crown at age nine. He died a few years after at the age of 23. He gave the throne to his cousin, Lady Jane Grey, but it didn't last long. Mary got the throne and had Jane beheaded and became queen. People lead a rebellion against the queen about a religious church her father came up with.