What to Expect Flyer!

Ashley M, Madison H. 5th Hour

Mothers First Trimester

The mother maybe not know she's pregnant yet. But her body sure does. Her breast will start to feel a littl eoar, she may even get a little fatigue. She will constantly have to use the restroom. She may even have heart burn. There may even be constapation. She may also have food aversions or cravings.

Baby's First Triemester

The babys first trimester there isn't a lot of visible growing on the out side of the mothers body. But on the inside the babys body is developing at a good rate. The head develops and the eyes become visible. His or her feet start to form toes. Weather it is a he or she we don't know yet. The genitals start to develop late in the trimester.
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Mothers Second Trimeser

Your body will start to have many more visible changes in this trimester. Such as your belly growing faster. Your breasts will also start to grow faster, your skin will start to change and create dark spots on your breasts, and maybe a faint dark line on your abdomen. You may also start to see some stretch marks. Even though they are common, not everyone will get them.

Baby's Second Trimester

By now the baby's sex will now become apparent, the skeleton will start to form. And the baby starts to learn the sucking motion, he or she can also now swallow. The hair is now growing in, and the finger and foot prints are now coming through. The baby can start to recognize your voice, and respond.
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Third and Last Trimester Mommy

By now your belly's pretty big, your probably starting to have backaches. Maybe even shortness of breath when doing physical activity. Swelling of, well, pretty much everything. You may even have Gestational Diabetes, or Anemia. But this is the last stage of pregnancy. And in just a little more time you will have that little miracle in your hands.

Baby's Last Trimester

His or her eyes will start to open, they will also start to practice their breathing. It can also start to detect light, and there is rapid weight gain. The baby's grasp starts to firm up and the placenta now provides antibodies to the baby. The baby's body is now in the process of getting ready to be born into this big world.
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