Tobacco can ruin your life

2 ways tobacco effects mental/emotional health /dangers of tobacco

die faster

more depression

chest and heart problems

more suicide

tobacco can make you loose all of your money tobacco is dangerous because it can harm your children and can make you sick tobacco can give a lot of different types of cancer including mouth cancer lung cancer, etc.

types of tobacco:pipes,factory-made cigarette,small cigar,filtered small cigar,traditional large cigar,chewing tobacco,etc.

other types of tobacco: Burley,Cavendish,Corojo,Dokha,Criollo etc.

4 Physical consequences

oral cavity cancer,lung cancer, esophagus cancer,pancreas cancer you can get all of these things from smoking

4 Social consequences

A lot people find second hand smoke offensive also the smell of smoke might be offensive,and having bad breath ,yellow teeth,also stained fingers may also harm a tobacco users social life.