Tradesmen International

Do you need some skilled craftsmen?

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My company can help you Maximize your Workforce Productivity while minimizing Labor Costs!

Tradesmen International is a Construction Labor Support Company, but we are NOT a temporary service, as we hire all our employees on a permanent basis and give each employee full benefits, stable work, and opportunities for training. We have been in business since 1992 and are recognized nationally as a leading source for reliable, skilled craftsmen and construction labor consultants. We have thousands of employees across America.

Maximize Workforce Productivity

We enable you to maintain a workforce according to your fluctuating workloads while enabling you to maximize productivity per dollar of skilled labor

Minimize Labor Costs

By using our team of skilled craftsmen, you do not have to absorb the various labor costs and time associated with construction recruiting and construction staffing practices.

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What Benefits will Total Labor Support Afford You?

  • Substantially reduce overall labor costs (fixed plus variable)
  • Greatly improve construction workforce productivity per dollar of labor costs
  • Increase profits per job
  • Reduce unemployment and Workers’ Compensation costs and liability
  • Minimize overtime expenses
  • Reduce costs and time spent on payroll and payroll administration, recruitment, advertising, etc.
  • Immediate, hassle-free access to reliable, high-caliber craftsmen when you need them, anywhere in the country
  • Ability to bid on more jobs and jobs of all sizes
  • A single source contact for comprehensive labor expertise
  • Safer working conditions; reduce OSHA citation exposure

When your workload increases-

Whether you need journeymen, construction workers or skilled construction labor staffing, Tradesmen is here to help you meet the demands of your projects. If you have an immediate need for skilled Tradesmen employees or if you would like further information, please Email me or give me a call (817) 305-6068