Schumacher Shout Outs!

May 13th, 2016

This Week's Shout Outs:

Terri Harmelink-

A shout out for taking my kiddos so I could go see my son's wax museum exhibit. From Heather Beaty

Mendy Wilson-

A shout out for being selected as an elementary teacher rep at Liberty's graduation! From Jane Minnick

Vickie Boggs-

A shout out for diligently hanging art work in the cafeteria so every kid has a piece to showcase.

All Teachers Who-

cheered me on when I was up the ladder, down the ladder, putting up art work! From Vickie Boggs

Jane Minnick-

A shout out for the great paper roll for my kiddos in art! You Rock! From Vickie Boggs