Chicken Health (and other stuff)


Chickens! What are they?

When most people think of a chicken they think of a stupid bird that lays yummy eggs. (Or gross eggs if your a normal person) There are actually many different breeds of chickens. There are Arocanas, Buff Orpintons, Rhode island Reds, etc. Some chickens are bigger than others, some may be pretty, and some can be really good meat chickens.


Sometimes your chicken(s) can get sick or hurt. For instance a predator might injure or kill a chicken. The best way to care for an open wound on a chicken is to put some bag balm on the wound and hope for the best. You could also take it to the vet if you want to spend a lot of money. Chickens can sometimes get mites too. For mites (or any other bugs) you can order some diatomaceous earth and rub it all over the chicken. Diatomaceous earth is sedimentary rock that can easily be crumbled into a fine powder. The powder is like glass to bugs. It scratches the bugs and eventually kills them. The best part is that it doesn't have anything to do with chemicals and CANNOT harm animals or you in anyway unless you breath it in non-stop. The powder is very soft to humans. Another thing that might happen is your chickens may lay eggs without a shell. It is just the membrane. Don't freak, just calm down. It just means your chicken is lacking calcium. You can feed it eggshells. Just make sure you crush the shells really well so your chickens don't start to eat their eggs.