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Basic Information

Brad Paisley is one of the most famous country singers Brad Paisley was born at Glen,Dale,WV in October 28,1972 he began getting an interested in a very young age when he was ten or eleven years old his grand father got him his first guitar and at the age of thirteen he wrote his first song called "Born in Christmas Day"

Interesting Facts

Some interesting facts about Brad Paisley is that he went to music camp at the age thirteen and was one of the top best vocalist in the music camp Brad Paisleyalso went to Belmont University Brad Paisley also got married and has one son

Why I Chose This Person

I chose to do a bibliography about Brad Paisley because I love his songs and especially one of his songs "I'm gonna miss her" and the second reason I chose Brad Paisley is because I did not know much about him until I did the reearch