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The GM Controversy And Deciding Buy Wild Edible Plants Of California

People may be used to the fact that stores sell fresh produce in bulk. The produce in stores is always in good condition and appears appetizing. It is large in size. But what they may not realize is that this produce can also be harvested outside of stores, in the natural environment. This is an option that some people may like to try, and so they should buy wild edible plants of California.

The commercialized fruit and vegetables that you see in the stores are large and attractive in appearance. They look fresh for a long time. Sometimes they do not seem to be entirely natural. This might make it seem pointless to try to obtain fresh produce from other places, since you cannot compete with what the stores offer. This comparison is, however, invalid because store produce is commercially grown.

Modern agriculture is a sector of mass production. Farms produce tons of produce and they use commercial techniques to produce larger, more attractive produce that ordinary residents cannot possibly grow in their own gardens or yards. Trying to match store produce, then, is not advisable and you should not be disappointed in you are unable to.

Also, there is the question of GM produce, or genetically modified fruit and vegetables. They are not a novelty any more and the produce of natural seeds and plants does not look the same as them. Genetic engineering means that the ordinary consumer cannot compete with the laboratories who develop these plants. Sometimes, the GM is not even necessary, such as where it is aimed at making the produce look better for a longer time. This is a solely cosmetic issue and one which is designed to make the produce easier to sell. It has nothing to do with the nutritional value of the produce.

If you want to harvest your own wild produce, you are taking the route that some people do in trying to source their fruit and vegetables in other places. They may either want to make use of alternative places, or they want to experiment with wild plants. There are some issues that you need to be aware of, though.

An important consideration is as to what you are going to harvest. You need to know what species are available in the wild and which ones you should harvest. Not all plants can be picked and eaten. Some of them have no nutritional value while others are toxic. The toxicity of the plant does not automatically imply that it is lethal to people but it may cause adverse symptoms or simply be unpleasant to eat. Nutritionally, the plant may be useless and then the harvesting exercise is a waste of time.

Mushrooms are notorious for their toxicity and this reputation is not a myth. You should be extremely cautious about picking them. A general guideline is that garish, colorful mushrooms are more toxic than the more ordinary-looking ones, but even this is not cast in stone and you should be absolutely sure about a mushroom before you harvest and eat it.

Lastly, there is the legal issue. Never pick plants in protected reserves unless you have proper permission. Also, do not harvest species which are protected by law. These species are under conservation and you should not try to pick them.

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