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Why opt for apartments in London for your employees

It is no secret that hotels can be expensive nowadays for sending your employees on business. And although serviced apartments may seem like a bit much, they possess benefits for any business seeking to send staff on business.

Cost effective

Many of us may be economising due to the recession and it was also shown this year that many companies plan on doing the same amount or more travelling than previous years but do not wish to spend more on this. Serviced apartments can be a good choice because they offer much more space and within this space includes a kitchen so employees will spend less on restaurant and drinks costs because they can live as they would at home saving money on what can be astronomical city food costs. Also with much more space, you get more for your money and with many serviced apartments in London companies offering the chance to hire a sofa bed for a small additional fee means that space can be maximised to its fullest advantage! They are a fantastic choice if you or staff members are travelling with family as they will not have to be separated by hotel rooms and it will work out as all round more cost effective. With the majority of serviced apartments in London offering free internet too.

Private and flexible

When travelling for work, it’s nice to enjoy your own down time so by staying in serviced apartment’s means you can come and go as you please and eat whenever you feel like instead of having to adhere to hotel restaurant times and relax with satellite TV and music systems. Serviced apartments also make great meeting facilities as they are private so no one will overhear any important discussion you may have. They also make great entraining facilities so you can smooze business partners or invite friends around.

Staff feel at ease

By staying in quality accommodation that offers an all-round home living with the perks of hotel living such as maid service can help to keep staff happy and when people are happy, their productivity and motivation is sure to improve.

Written by Catherine a keen blogger on travel in London and accommodation. Especially great quality accommodation and great deals. With vast experience in choosing and booking serviced apartments in London.

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