Science Curriculum Mapping

Build your district's K-12 science curriculum map.

Hands-on Workshop

Maximize the effectiveness of your science instruction by taking this opportunity to create a sequential K-12 comprehensive detailed curriculum outline linked to the Nebraska State Science Standards, individualized for your district. Additionally, cumulative vocabulary (defined) will be scaffolded and integrated into the curriculum plan too for a comprehensive unified instructional approach.

Science Curriculum Mapping Workshop

Wednesday, Feb. 25th, 9am

800 North Columbia Avenue

Seward, NE

Please bring your laptops.

Workshop Agenda

I. Introduction (presentation)- 15min

II. Small groups

III. Current standards divisions (within grade bands)- 15 min

IV. Look for gaps (analyze) -10 min

V. Assign all standards within grade bands- 30 min

VI. Fill in the provided template

VII. Once finished may break back into individual grade

VIII. Link Vocabulary (20 min)

IX. Large group

X. Reassemble all parts into K-12 document

XI. Planbook preview (if time)

XII. Questions?