Mates Dates and Tempting Trouble

By: Cathy Hopkins


T. J. : girl, tall,brown hair,smart knows a lot

Nesta : girl,tall,silky hair,green eyes,loves fashion

Lucy : girl,small, blonde,designs clothes

Izzie : girl,dark haired,tall,into spiritual stuff

Luke: boy,




" be shy sometimes so maybe people who don't know you take it as indifference "

" you aren't one to let your imagination get the better of you "

"Something's Obviously bothering you it's better out than in"


Nesta has a boyfriend named Luke . except that Luke likes seeing how many girls he can get he tricked T.J. and more girls making her think he has feelings for her.

Summary * Plot

T.J. made some new friends and even met her friends boyfriend. She's also doing a project with Luke ( Nesta's boyfriend ). Accept that Luke wants to be more than friends. So he tells more girls than just T.J. that he feels something special. Will he get exposed? and will Nesta and t.j. be friends ?

About Cathy Hopkins

Born: 1953 January 23rd

Age: 62

Grew Up: Manchester,England