Welcome To Lane Community College!

Home of the Titans

Our School Offers a Great EMT/(A) EMT Program!

Welcome to Lane! We are located in Eugene, Oregon! To apply at Lane Community College you have to have a GPA of 2.0 or higher. When you apply you can start right in on your EMT and licences. You have to take a state board test to have your licences. An AEMT and EMT courses are considered a non-creditable classes. Associates degree is required minimum.

Lanes Budget and Hours

Tuition for Lane is 3,682 in-state and 8,362 out-of-state

EMT classes range from EMT basic to Advanced EMT.

Tuition for EMTs- $5,198

Differential fees- $447

Books, supplies, and other- $1,737

TOTAL- $7,382


Depending on what classes you take.

After High School Plans

I plan to go to Lane Community College, after I graduate from Grants Pass High School. I want to go to school to become and Advanced EMT. I strongly want to push towards my goal and to have the sense of accomplishment. When i do graduate, I am going to take a hands on EMT course. I am soon going to apply to the hospital to volunteer so I can get my foot in the door in the medical field.