Planet Eris

Learning about Eris

Facts about Eris

Eris is responsible for being the planet that kicked out Pluto and when it was first discovered it would have been a 10th planet because it was discovered before the official.

Interesting Facts about Eris

1. Eris moon is called Dysnomia.

2. Eris is the biggest dwarf planet in the solar system.

3. Eris is the ninth most massive body to orbit the sun.

4. Eris average speed is 3.4338 km/s.

5. Eris orbital period is 204,624 days or 560.23 years.

More about Eris

Known moon: 1

When it was discovered: January 5, 2005

Who was it discovered by: M.E. Brown C.A. Trujillo & D.L. Rabinowitz