4th Grade Life

with Cornelius and Powers

Daily Schedule

8:15-9:25 Co-Curr

12:10-12:40 Recess

12:40-1:10 Lunch

Field Trip to ART Museum:

If you would like to volunteer to attend the field trip with your child's homeroom please let me know! This trip will be very different (much more organized) than the Stockyard trip was. :) It is on Tuesday, May 17th. We usually leave here very soon in the morning, but details to come to those who email me that they would like to attend!

Last Unit in Language Arts:

We will be reviewing various skills from the year these last few weeks. As of today your child will be given a novel called Number the Stars by Lois Lowry. It is a Holocaust themed book. I have given the students some background on this tragic event just to give them some context for the book we are about to read. It is completely age appropriate and we will not dig too deeply into the topic of the Holocaust for obvious reasons. Your child may come home with questions or even wanting to share the books with you, so I just wanted to let you know what we will be working on.

Each child is signing their name and providing the number of the book they have been issued. If any students lose their book I will be emailing and asking for the $8 to replace the book as it belongs to the school. It is my intention to give the students plenty of time to read and work on the book here at school, so if they are present and use their time wisely they will hopefully not have to even bring the book home to chance losing it.

School Board Election

The current school board election is going to be very critical in determining the future of Keller ISD for our students. While I cannot voice my opinion or sway you in either direction as an employee of Keller ISD, I can encourage you to educate yourself on what both "sides" of each position stand for and want to see happen here in Keller. This election will affect our students day to day lives/education more than any other election. It is a very important election. PLEASE VOTE!

STAAR Related Dates:

Real Math and Reading STAAR dates are:

May 9th (Math) and May 10th (Reading)

Please do not plan on visiting the building this day and schedule any appointments for your child on different days if at all possible.

Upcoming Dates / Events:

5/17- 4TH Grade Field Trip to Art Museum (Please email us if you wish to volunteer to go on the art field trip!)

5/25- TMI Tour (We will go during school hours and be back before lunch.)

5/27- Fabulous Friday / PTA Store open and perk to be announced-

- Field Day

- 6-8pm -End of Year Bash- Last PTA meeting of the year @ 6 p.m.

5/30- Memorial Day- No School

5/31- Spirit Night at Sonic at Golden Triangle

6/1- End of year party

6/2- Early Release -SCHOOL'S OUT FOR SUMMER!!!!!

If you have any questions contact us both:

End of Year Fyi's:

  • Our end of year party is on 6/1. Some of you know that in year's past we have had a ceremony in the cafeteria. Due to the increasingly large size of the 4th grade student body, we are doing things a little differently this year. You will be invited to your child's homeroom for an end of year celebration. We will be giving out certificates in our rooms and celebrating with other students and families of our homeroom class only. I will let you know when I have exact times for that day.

  • The End of Year bash will be on 5/27th from 6-8pm. We will have inflatables, face painting, a professional D.J., food trucks, and Kona ice on site among a few other things. Anyone who did not order a yearbook will have a chance to purchase one as long as supplies last. Once the extra's are gone, there is zero chance of getting a yearbook this year.

  • STAAR scores will not come back for any of our students until the summer time as far as we know right now. You will more than likely receive your child's scores in the mail for all 3 STAAR exams. It will not effect their moving on to 5th grade either way.