1970s fashion was varied and changed frequently, but always liked to shock - whether it was towering platform shoes, huge bell-bottom flares, or tight, shiny, disco-inspired hot pants.A woman was expected to follow one path: to marry in her early 20s, start a family quickly, and devote her life to homemaking.


It began with singer-songwriters like Carole King and Carly Simon topping the charts, while New York City saw a period of great innovation; hip hop, punk rock and salsa were invented in 70s New York, which was also a center for electronic music, techno and disco.


As drug use increased, many Americans began to see it as a problem. in 1978, 66% of Americans said marijuana was a serious problem in the high schools or middle schools in their area, and 35% said the same of hard drugs.

Sexual Attitude

Most teenage boys not only expected their bride to be a virgin, but agreed that a boy should marry a girl if he got her pregnant.Before the early Seventies, having sex had immense emotional, economic and symbolic weight attached to it because to sleep with another person was tantamount to choosing them as a life partner.