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What's the BUZZ about Twitter?

You may have heard folks talking about Twitter and how it can help us as educators. But what is all the buzz about? Hasn't Twitter been around a long time as a social media forum? Absolutely. However, its use for those in education is just starting to take off. Following others in education, in administration, and even in subject specific areas on Twitter is a great way to stay up to speed on what is happening or what is up-and-coming. Twitter allows you to include links to websites, articles and videos too, making it a quick way to add to your personal professional development. It is easy to get started! Just log in to Twitter.com and make an account. Then you can search for people or hashtags to follow. Try #cpchat or follow ekcoulson. See who Dr. Coulson is following and consider following them too.

Here are a couple of tips to get you started:

  • a # is a group of people all posting about a certain idea (ie: #SALI2012, #engchat)--you can start your own group by just telling others to use a certain # (called a hashtag)

  • an @ symbol included means a post is directed to a certain person on Twitter (@ekcoulson in your message would insure that Dr. Coulson would see your Tweet)