A Note from the Director...

LA News for Students and Families

LA Benefits from the Children's Services Fund

Through the voters passing of the Children's Services Fund, Liberty has access to more services to help students and families. A board was created, appointed by the Clay County Commission, to administer and expend all funds generated by the one-quarter of a cent sales tax for the purchase of services to protect the well-being and safety of children and youth nineteen years of age or less and to strengthen families. Such services may include counseling, family support, temporary residential services, and other such services set out in RSMo 210.861.

At Liberty Academy, we have access to three different resources for our students: music group, a therapist, and a substance abuse counselor.

If you are interested in learning more about any of these services, please contact Mrs. Norris or Ms. Johnson.

Opportunity for Student Support

Are you looking for more support for your student/self at Liberty Academy? Need someone to help you process your thoughts? Need advice on coping with life events? Need strategies for dealing with medical diagnoses like anxiety and depression? Just need someone to listen?

Liberty Academy has access to a therapist who is excited to work with our students and families. Whether scheduling, insurance, transportation, or the right fit has prevented you from seeking this kind of assistance in the past, consider the option of receiving these services on-site during the school day at Liberty Academy!

Our therapist has been around the building to observe our school a few times already, and it is easy to see that students are willing to readily connect with her. We look forward to our students having the opportunity to formally work with her on a regular basis!

If interested, please contact Mrs. Norris or Ms. Johnson!

Music Group a Success

Our first music group occurred last week and students and staff loved it! It's interesting how much we can learn about ourselves through the exploration of music. Most of our students love to make music, and also relate to music, so this has been a natural fit! Music can be used as a stress reliever and coping mechanism, so we have had no problems filling the music group! However, we do have room to offer more sessions on Thursdays! If this is something of interest to you, please let Ms. Johnson or Mrs. Norris know as a signed permission slip must be on file in order to participate. However, no students will ever be forced to participate even if a signed permission slip is on file. Our goal is to have all students have a permission slip on file!

Is Substance Abuse Playing a Role in Your Life?

Or that of your friend? Family Member?

People who turn to substances often do so to self-medicate for another issue in their lives.

Life is hard. And it's hard to sit with those feelings. But allowing a substance to possibly provide temporary relief is not the long-term answer.

Have you ever wanted to find a better way?

Have you ever wanted strategies to help cope?

Want to know the health impact?

Consider talking to a substance-abuse counselor. You can do this at Liberty Academy! If interested, please contact Mrs. Norris or Ms. Johnson.