Hunting Ground

Seaxual Assult on College Campuses


In Hunting Ground it shows many colleges that have problems with sexual assault that are doing nothing about it. It achieved its purpose of showing this problem by using Ethos, Pathos, and Logos.

Purpose of The Film

The overall purpose of Hunting Ground was to show that colleges have problems with sexual assault. Many colleges were shown throughout the film that had problems but did nothing to help the students that had been assaulted. Many students have come together to help protest to get the colleges attention about the problem that needs to fixed.

Achieveing The Purpose

The purpose was achieved with ethos, pathos, and logos. It applies to ethos because throughout the film facts about sexual assault on college campuses were shown with citied sources. For example less than 4% of men on campus are athletes 19% of that have sexual assaulted someone. Pathos was involved in the film when the author put in short clips of students crying and getting excited that they got into their dream college. Logos played a roll as well by showing that their is a problem, and if their is a problem a person usually wants to fix it for help fix and overcome that problem.


After watching the film I feel that colleges should do more for the victims of sexual assault and not try to protect the person that did the crime. the impact it had on me was that colleges need to step up and help and not try to defend someone that is in the wrong even if that means losing tuition money. the film didn't change my eyes on any issue because I never new college rape was such a big thing is it more opened my eyes about the subject.