Post Highschool Plans

Education and Careers

Computer Programming Education

After high school I plan to attend RCC (Rogue Community College) and get an Associates in computer programming and software. Another possibility is entering a transfer program through RCC to get a bachelors in computer science at SOU (Southern Oregon University).


RCC or Rogue Community College is a school located in Grants Pass Oregon, here I can acquire an associates to give me a base knowledge of computer sciences and software architecture.


SOU or Southern Oregon University is located in Ashland Oregon, I can further my knowledge here by entering the transfer program at RCC to get a bachelors degree. There are plenty of things to do near the college such as hiking and white water kayaking/rafting.

Career Possibilities

After RCC and/or SOU my search for a career will begin, during this search I will most likely have to relocate out of the area or possibly out of state to find a career that is ideal. A career as a software architect or software developer would be fairly nice. Another option is to program in the gaming industry, developing video games.