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September 16, 2020 Newsletter

Dear Eagle Families,

As I sit and write this update I am just amazed at all that we have accomplished. We have had an incredible start to our year despite the hand we were dealt. Our continued faith and community bond have pushed us farther than we could have imagined. Parents, you are doing an incredible job.

We are currently waiting for our confirmation date regarding our Its Learning Parent Training. Our training is scheduled for next week. As soon as we have that confirmation, you will get an email with all the information on what to do to have a successful training. Thank you for your patience as we have been patiently waiting too for this information for share with our community.

We celebrated another beautiful Mass led by our 5th graders today. Did you know that while your student’s homeroom may not be hosting mass, they still have the opportunity to receive the Body of Christ if they have received the Sacrament of Communion? When the students in the chapel start receiving this miracle, Ms. Restivo and I walk to the classrooms of those who can participate and share the Body of Christ. It truly is an incredible experience to walk the building and be able to share this beautiful moment with our community.

Thank you once again for your grace, patience, and support.


Tina M. Polin

Director of Development and Communications

P.S. If you would like your student to join us Face to Face starting on Monday, please complete this Google Form by tomorrow, Thursday at 8AM.

Please click here to complete!

COVID Pastoral Letter from Archbishop Gustavo

Pastoral Letter Transformed by Hope, Let Us Rebuild Our Tomorrow! regarding challenge of COVID-19 pandemic, promulgated by Archbishop Gustavo Garcia- Siller, MspS

To read it please see below.

Big picture

If you plan to join us for our movie night, please fill out this form today.

Message from PTC President Elect Mrs. Herrberg

Dear Mount Sacred Heart Community:

Whether in person or virtually we are a community like no other and I am very blessed to have found Mount!

My PTC project as the President-Elect is to manage the design and distribution of the 2020 Spirit Shirt. I am beyond excited to announce this years’ design.

My goal was a design centered around the joy and camaraderie felt when one walks thru the doors or communicates with someone related to the Mount Family. Because, we truly are a family, and Mount is our second HOME! The design started with my stick house drawing on a piece of notebook paper and creating the tagline “There’s no place like Mount”! From there, the rest is history, and I present to you, this years’ 2020 MSH Spirit shirt!

Click here to order your shirt today! The deadline for orders and payments is Wednesday 9.23. Don’t forget spirit t-shirts can be worn every Friday with uniform bottom to show your Eagle Pride!

Payment invoices will be emailed by FACTS or you may send in a check made out to PTC to the Business Office.

Shirt pick up information will follow. We appreciate your support and hope you will share this shirt design with your friends and family too!

All through the Sacred Heart of Jesus,

Cathy Herrberg

PTC President Elect

Message from PTC 2nd VP & Homeroom Parent Coordinator Mrs. Carrizales

Greetings MSH Parents!

PTC has several events throughout the year that brings our community together and raises funds for our school. Being a part of our Mount family sometimes means lending a hand as a parent volunteer. Parent volunteers help to enrich your child’s MSH experience. This year PTC is planning on having our annual events we love, but with a twist in order to keep our community safe.

Thank You to everyone that has signed up for events. PTC still needs more volunteers for several homerooms. Please consider volunteering whether you are a face to face or virtual parent. Feel free to contact me should you have questions about any of the events.

Below are the links for you to sign up!

Parent Volunteer Sign Up for Montessori and Kinder

Parent Volunteer Sign Up for 1st through 4th Grades

Parent Volunteer Sign Up for 5th through 8th Grades

Thank you for all you do for our MSH Community!

Laura Carrizales

PTC 2nd VP- Homeroom Parent Coordinator

Hope for the Future - Run with a Mission 5K

We are going to participate in the Hope for the Future - Run with a Mission 5K. It will be a little different this year, more details to come soon!

Please click on the link to register! All registration fees come back to Mount and we can win additional dollars if we register the most amount of people!

Thank you all!


  • More information regarding our Its Learning Parent Training that is happening next week
  • Ca$ual Dre$$ Day - September 18th
  • Deadline for Spirit Shirt Orders - September 23rd

Continuing to Keep our Community Safe

We are truly blessed. Thank you to our wonderful community who has continued to do their part and keep us safe. Now that we have our routines in place, now is when we need to be extra careful. Please continue to discuss with your family how to wash your hands and wear your masks.

Please consider the following issued by the CDC and approved by Nurse Guerrero.

Getting a flu vaccine is more important than ever during 2020-2021 to protect yourself and the people around you from flu, and to help reduce the strain on healthcare systems responding to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Thank you for being our partners in this!

Eagle Family Prayer Request

We kindly ask you to please pray for:

MSH families who are experiencing hardships due to illness, death, economic struggles, or any other needs. May the Sacred Heart of Jesus be our strength.

Baby Ryan (son of Mrs. Norris)

Joan Radous (mother of Mrs. Brooks)

George Martinez (family friends of Mrs. Samuels)

Felipe Martinez (Grandfather of Thor and Baron)

Julia Mahaiver ( MSH Alumn)

We pray for those souls who have left our community may they rest in peace.

Sister Margarita Hernandez (SSCJ)

Will Flueshe (friend of Mrs. Carr)

Baby Ellie (Granddaughter of Mrs. Fernandez)

*If you have a prayer request, please feel free to submit your request to

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