Mao Zedong

3D Presentation Activity


Mao Zedong was one of the most influential and well known leaders of modern china. He garnered the loyalty of the peasants and lower class in order to help communism grow and assist his rise to power. Although he is respected in china, most other countries find what he tried to do in humane and wrong.


  • Mao Zedong was a very good leader during times of military stress, but was very ineffective during peacetime. This led to many defects and problems in the economy. His only competition in leading china was in the form of chiang Kai shek. He was a near perfect opposite to mao. Where mao wanted communism, he wanted private enterprising and business.
  • Mao Zedong tried to enact the great leap forward, a plan to grow chinese economy, and for a while it was working. Then, with both fudged numbers and over estimation, the economy started to decline, with workers dying out from overworking. This stunted the growth of china as a whole.
  • As he grew older, Mao Zedong grew senile and his wife and her consorts decided to act out his will. After he had died, ma gufang ousted these leaders, proclaiming them as the root of the problem with the economy, and took up the chair as the ruler of china.