Genius Hour project!

what would it be like if we traveled light years!

What to know and what we'd find!

We know that it takes an incredibly long time to travel just one light year. If we travel light years we will find some exo planets. NASA has also already found an exo planet 13.7 billion light years away! No they didn't travel they used a telescope that can zoom in to light years. The planet they found is amazing especially since the telescope can only go up to 14 billion light years. The telescope is called the hubble. Traveling light years could have some problems one of them being if you travel a light year at age 15. you will get home at age 20 but the people that were 15 when you were will be 65 when you get back. Scientist have thought of and idea called a worm hole. Its like time travel, the machine will take them close to one light year.

Iteresting facts

Astronomers and physicist use 2 of Albert Einstein's equations. One is his formula of relativity and E=Mc squared.
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The image above is the hubble telescope

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