Premeditative or Self Defense?

What story does the hammer tell?

The Case of Marrisa Devault

A woman of the age of 36 is currently on trial for blushing her husband to death with a common hammer, her husband Dale Harrell suffered a shattered skull as a result of the attack and soon died three weeks later after the attack. Marrisa claims self-defense as her husband constantly beat her and even went as far as raping her, which she claims resulted in self retaliation and the murder of Dale.

Evidence presented.

Evidence presented in this case included the statements and constant interrogations made of Ms. Devault, who constantly changed her story and lied to police in several of their interviews, though the most damning evidence had to be the blood spatter analysis of the crime scene. The blood spatter that was presented indicated the position, height, and are of the attack. Thanks to the medium velocity spatter found on the wall detectives could figure where and which direction the attack was made. What also helped showing position was the cast off spatter made that was found on the floor and ceiling as well as on the lamp next to the bed. The final type of spatter found at the scene was passive spatter which was located on the bed table where the attack took place.

Crime Scene Photos

Guilty or Innocent?

According to the evidence and the confession made by ms.devault I can not assume that it was in self defense, was it completely wrong for her to act as she did, that is up for debate. Though on the matter of whether it was a self defense or not I can not conclude that it was a "at the moment" defensive action.