The LeatherBack Turtle

By Eric Chen

The common and scientific names for this organism.

Common: Leatherback Turtle

Scientific: Permochelys coriacea

1 Animal

Clown Fish

4th plant

Sea grass

Food Web

Energy Pyramid

2 Physical Adaptions

1 physical adaption is the LeatherBack Turtle's mouth. That will be a positive effect because it helps the animal eat it's food. Another Physical adaption is the LeatherBack Turtle's Finns. That will help the LeatherBack Turtle swim much faster. So both of these physical adaptions are positive. I will include both of these in their new habitat.

2 Behavioral Adaptations

One behavioral adaptation is migration for them. This is a positive thing because I will produce warm water for the turtles so they can reproduce easier. Another behavioral adaptation is the turtle's instinct for going in the right temperature to survive, this is a positive thing. And I will add the right temperature for them to survive.

The impact of when I introduce the producers.

It will help the endangered animal because those producers are what the LeatherBack Turtles needs to survive with. This will give the turtle plenty of food to eat.

Why is the LeatherBack Sea Turtle on the endangered species list????????

One reason why LeatherBack sea Turtles are on the endangered list because of intense egg collection. Another reason why is because their shells are leather like and aren't as hard as other sea turtles shells, so prey can eat them.