Helping the elderly

To help and brighten their days.

the mission

To help and brighten their days,

learn about their lives,

and put a smile on their faces.

why to help

If you would like to help and brighten the days of others research retirement homes and visit with the residents there it is and can be very rewarding. It is very fun to listen to their stories and get their input on what they do everyday and what is going on in the world, also hearing about their lives, and following them through out their days.

Other things that were not able to be put on this s'more

We had videos to go along with this project but we could not download them because we did not have the correct software to do so. If you want we can pull them up on our ipads if you would like to see them. The videos are of the residents doing their daily stretches, which one of the residents told us that she did not like them because she had “enough exercise when she was younger and worries about today’s youth and that all they do is sit on their phones, and that she thinks we should be doing the stretches and not them.” and the other video is talking the dog, Maggie on a walk.