As Dead As it Gets

Katie Alender


Alexis's friend Lydia had just died and may people think she killed her. Now Alexis suffers from seeing ghost in life and in photographs. Now she thinks there is an evil spirit trying to kill her and she thinks it is Lydia! Pretty soon some of the things are becoming life threatening. She soon finds out it is not Lydia because she actually can talk to Alexis! She then does some research and thinks it is her boyfriend Jared's ex girlfriend who passed away. She soon finds out all of this is connected to her new boyfriend and the "ghost" is not who she thinks it is!

Why someone should read this?

1.) It makes you want to keep reading

2.) It can get scary.

3.) Its extremely good.

4.) Alexis is pretty much our age.

5.)It has a good story to it!

How many stars I would rate this?

I would defiantly rate this book 5 out of 5 stars!!