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October 12, 2018

Thank you Ms. Westwood for donating the huge pumpkins to our school!

Thanks to Mrs. Westwood and Town Hall Theater!

Next week we'll have a contest to try and guess the weight of the pumpkin and enter into a drawing for movie tickets!
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Flu vaccination clinic for students - October 30th

October 30th, Plumas County Public Health will be providing students with the flu vaccination. In order for a student to receive the flu vaccination, they must have a signed permission slip. Please see below to access the flu vaccination form. Forms will also be sent home to students in their Thursday folders.
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Should I send my Child to school today

PUSD Health Services' goal is to help keep all students healthy, in school, and ready to learn. Deciding when your child is too sick to attend school can sometimes be a difficult decision. Keeping your child home when they are sick helps to prevent the spread of illness. When trying to decide, use the guidelines in the link below......

5th grade music

Ms. Markee would like to remind 5th-grade students to turn in their music form that identifies the instrument they would like to play for this year. If they do not turn in the form, an instrument will be assigned to them. Flutes are all full.

Quincy Fire Department & US Forest Service stopped by to educate on fire prevention & safety

Thank you plumas bank for the donation!

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Yearbook committee

We are looking for a parent or two to head up our yearbook project this year. If you are interested, please contact Ms. Pini for more information. 283-6550 etn 5401

QES Mountain kids played in the rain this week! And Rob Wade introduced Outdoor Core!

Each class received a Kleen Kanteen with a sticker of their science focus:

TK/K -The Year of the Garden

1st - The year of the Insect

2nd - The year of the Reptile

3rd - The year of the Mammal

4th -The year of the Trout

5th -The year of the Bird

6th - The Year of the Watershed

When students cause harm to one another

At QES we are using restorative justice to repair the damage done when a student harms another. The basic principles are:

(1) repair: not meeting our behavior expectations causes harm and justice requires repairing that harm

(2) encounter: the best way to determine how to do that is to have the parties decide together;

(3) transformation: this can cause fundamental changes in people, relationships and communities.

Is it rude, mean or bullying?

If your child tells you they are bullied, here is the way to determine if it is rude, mean or bullying.

1) If a student shuts the door in your face, this might be rude.

2)If the student does it on purpose, it is mean

3)If a student shuts the door in your face repeatedly, this might be bullying.

The definition of bullying is when an individual or a group of people with more power, repeatedly and intentionally cause hurt or harm to another person or group of people who feel helpless to respond. Bullying can continue over time, is often hidden from adults, and will probably continue if no action is taken.

If you feel your child is being bullied, then please complete a bullying form and turn it into Ms. Pini, Mrs. Groh or Mrs. Hollister.

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Lost and Found on the stage

Ah, yes... it's autumn in the Sierras. 60-degree temperature swings mean our lost and found is gaining volume as students throw off those layers throughout the day. You can help us keep your student united with their belongings by following these steps:

1) Remind your student to put their things in one of two places. All items should be on their hook. If they shed lunch boxes, water bottles, sweatshirts etc..on the playground, then those items should be placed where the class will line up.

2) Label all of your possessions that might be set aside somewhere. We have a large pile of items that may not find owners, and we can help with that if items are labeled. And, we have had a couple of cases of mistaken identity, in which parents took the wrong item from the lost and found. Please label your things to help with this.

Legal and Safe Parking

Parents may park along Lee Road and use the back gate and/or the crosswalk to access the school entrance. Spaces along the fence are okay to park in, even those that were previously marked "No Parking". The parking lot may not be used for dropping off or picking up. When striping is done, there will be 7 spots designated "visitor parking" for our classroom volunteers and others who are staying a while. All other spaces are staff only. Please use the car lane for dropping off and picking up.

Parking at Dollar General is ok for parents, as long as it is only in their back lot, and not those spaces near the store. If parking there, you must use the crosswalk to cross Mill Creek Road. Staff may not park in the Dollar General lot.

Parents may park along Mill Creek Road, but your car must not extend beyond the white lines. Doing so could result in ticketing or towing.

If parked on the northbound side, across from school, you must use the crosswalk at either Lee Road or Hwy 70. You may not cross between cars in the pickup lane.

Using the Drop Off/Pick Up Lane

The fastest and most efficient way to drop off or retrieve your 1st-6th-grade student is using our car lane. Even though the line may seem long, the cars move more quickly than you can park, walk in and walk back once all the students are dismissed. Here's how to use it:

1) Pull all the way forward before unloading or loading children.

2) Wait on the road if the line extends out beyond the car lane. This is true for Mill Creek and Lee Road. You may be on Lee Road with your blinker on, but this is the appropriate and legal way to wait to make a right-hand turn. CalTrans is providing School Zone signage to help other motorists be more aware, but eventually, motorists will get the message to avoid this area between 2:30 and 2:50.

3)Please avoid blocking the bus driveway if you are among the first cars to extend beyond the car lane. Once all three buses are in, you will be directed by QES staff to pull forward and you may block the driveway at that time.

4)Please Avoid UTurns when possible. The Car Lane will be Right Turn Only as you exit. Signs are coming! Plan your route to make an extra block if needed. Going a bit out of your way could save you stress and make everyone safer.

Crosswalk Safety

Please realize it will take longer than usual to get through the Mill Creek/Hwy 70 intersection. Just relax and know it will take a bit longer. Let's be patient and safe.

1) You may make a right turn on red as long as the crossing guard has returned to the sidewalk. We are placing a cone in the road to remind you. If you see the cone out, it is illegal and unsafe for you to turn.

2) Please don't race to make a yellow light. The 3 minutes it saves you could cost the life of someone's child. If it turns yellow and you can safely stop, do so.

Pedestrian and Cyclist Education

Is your child mature, responsible, and developmentally ready to walk or bike to and from school? Here are some of the things we've seen so far, all happening before or after we've crossed them:

1)Students not going home and returning to Dollar General for candy, crossing on bikes against light.

2)Students falling off bikes, hoverboards, or scooters in front of cars.

3)Students weaving into traffic because they lack full control of their bikes

4)Students on bikes without helmets

5)Students crossing South Mill Creek in front of oncoming cars

Things to consider:

1) Some students are not ready to walk to and from school without door to door supervision

2)Some students can handle walking, but the addition of the bike or scooter is proving too much to attend to

3)Hoverboards are not a safe mode of transportation for any Quincy Elementary student

Please spend some time getting to know your child's abilities. Walk from home to school on the weekend and back, reviewing the rules and expectations. Assess whether or not they could be successful without you there. How attentive are they? Did they notice the car approaching the intersection too fast to stop? Did they notice that the right-turner did not see them? We plan to do our part to educate students about pedestrian safety, but only you can provide one-on-one tutoring and ensure your student is developmentally ready for this responsibility. Alternatively, you may decide the bus is a better option for now.

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Upcoming Events


16 - Helmet Orders due

23 - Bus Evacuation Drill

26 - Spellathon Test

27 - Fall Festival 1:00 PM - 4:00 PM

29 - Corey the Dribbler Assembly

29 - Square 1 Art Orders Due

29 - Community Meeting - Afterschool Program 5:00 PM

30 - Flu Vaccination at School

30 - Box Tops Due!

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