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We Love Catholic Schools!

Catholic Schools week and the Letter Oo!

This week we finished up our work with Olive O. Octopus, our Zoophonics friend, with 8 arms. She helped us learn about opposites, the color orange and octagons.

This week, our frigid, cold temperatures gave us an opportunity to talk about how we can be a blessing to our friends who need it. In honor of Catholic Schools Week, the Early Learner class had the opportunity to work together to make a blanket that will wrap a child in need in our love. This was not only an exercise in compassion, it was also a wonderful way for us to practice our tying skills, as we tied each piece of our blanket together. We were so proud of what we can accomplished together! Pre-K classes will have the opportunity to do their blanket project for Valentine's Day, as we use our gifts to show love!!

Groundhog's Day, and the proclamation about just how long Punxentawny thinks winter will last, gave us an opportunity to discover our shadows. We worked with sun and light, positioning, above, behind, below, and in front of, both ourselves and our fury groundhog, to see how our shadow changes. Early Learners also did a cute shadow craft and Pre-K will bring home their groundhog page and are invited to complete it at home if they wish.

Snow days certainly mixed things up a bit, but our Pre-K classes will pick-up their work with opposites next week and will make their blanket and visit, 4th Grade Buddies during Valentine's Week.

Thank you Mrs. Schneider!

On a cold Thursday morning, Mrs. Schneider braved the frosty temperatures to join us as our Guest Reader. Annalise lit-up seeing her mom come in with the perfect book for our animal theme. It was so fun learning about a little Husky and his big dream to become a sled dog.

It was so much fun to share this time with Mrs. Schneider and we are so very grateful she could join us!

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Jasper Kirgan is a Star Student!

Sweet Jasper was our Star Student in our Pre-K am class this week. He was eager to with us his love for Mac and Cheese and Cheetahs. He learned that a lot of his classmates share his love of Mac and Cheese too. Jasper adores his brother, Hunter and was filled with pride to tell us about his mom, Tina, dad, John, sister, dog and cat.

Jasper's All About Me bag was filled with a tractor that beeps and pulls a trailer, a remote control car and a fun puzzle. Jasper's mom joined us for our Story Time and shared with us the story of David and Goliath.

Jasper always has a smile on his face. He never gives up and always tries his best. He is truly delightful to be with and our class family would not be the same without him!

Colton Mobley is a Star Student!

Our dear friend Colton was the Star Student in our Pre-K pm class this week. Colton loves to learn but this week, it was our turn to learn all about him!

Colton, shared with us his love of Rhinos. His favorite part is their horn. How fascinating that was to learn! Colton's favorite color is orange and of all the foods in the world, Colton's favorite is spaghetti. Yum!!

Colton's All About Me bag had us in stitches with his funny cat, Tom, who repeats what you say in the silliest little voice. We also enjoyed hearing about his SpiderMan figure and how much he loves taking trips to the zoo with his family. Colton's mom joined us for Story Time, sharing a sweet story about farm animals.

It was a wonderful to learn all about Colton and we feel very blessed to have him in our little school.


Early Learners, Thursday 2/7

  • Misheeta
  • Bronson
  • Zoey
  • Bo
  • Leti

Pre-K AM, Friday 2/8

  • Lucy Bailie
  • Simon
  • Henry
  • Marcus
  • Mary

Pre-K PM, Friday 2/8

  • Brayton
  • Andrew
  • Grace

Important Dates

2/7 and 2/8- Pajama Day

2/6- Pre-K Police Station Visit

2/13 Pre-K Valentine's Party

2/14 Early Learner Valentine Party

2/12-2/14 Kindergarten Readiness Conference

2/20 Kindergartner for the Day

2/28 New Family Preschool Open House