The Barry Bulletin


Balloon Battle

Those who qualified for 3rd QIT in the Aquarius house played balloon battle. The balloon battle took place in the gym, but the preparation took place in Mrs. Christies 4th hour math class. In preparation for this extravagant incentive, many balloons needed to be blown up and separated by color. Once the 8th hour bell rung, students hurried to their strides to begin the balloon battle. When everyone was in their stride room ready to go, they took their balloons and headed down to the gym. Everyone was familiar with the game since they had also played it in previous years. Once all the students got to the gym, instructions began. Balloon battle was simple yet hard to play. Each team (stride) had their own color balloons which each played tied to their ankle with a string. The players ran around inside the boundary lines trying to pop opposing teams balloons.

Once the game has begun, it was chaos and everyone was hoping to win. There were popping and screaming noises echoing throughout the gym. Once quite a few players had gotten out because their balloons had popped, the boundary lines shrunk in making the playing area smaller, until there were just a few players left. In the final round it was crazy, everyone was cheering on their stride hoping for a win. Everyone seemed to have a great time during balloon battle, which may be why the Aquarius house has chose this incentive for 2 years in a row.

Tres Amigas Take Chicago

Brigette, Raquel & Sydney

On March 31st Brigette, Raquel and Sydney were just hanging out, bored on their spring break. As they were brain storming ideas, Raquel came up with the thundering idea of going to Chicago! Each of the girls thought it was a great idea, so the next day they packed up and went. On April 1st Raquel's mom drove them down. The car ride felt like an eternity the girls thought. On the trip down they watched It Takes Two and Sage, played some games and talked with each other.

When they finally arrived in Chicago, it was around 6:30, but 76° and sunny! They checked into their hotel and immediately went out and started shopping. They hit up all the stores until they closed! Next they stopped at a restaurant to get a bite to eat and after they walked back to the hotel. At midnight, the girls went out to seven- eleven for slushies which was right down the street, and stopped to get ice cream from Baskin Robbins. When walking from our hotel to each of these places, they came across this very kind old man standing outside the 7-Eleven doors. He was homeless. We decided to get him something to eat, so we picked up a bottle of coke, a banana, and a few donuts. When the girls gave him the food it brought complete joy to his face, and he repeatedly said thank you. It is always nice to help those less fortunate than yourself.

The next day everyone woke up early to get a good start on the day. Once they headed out, they shopped some more, went to Millennium park to see the bean, and went to the navy pier. Also, they stopped for a nice lunch before starting to walk around again. Before it started to get dark, they packed up and started the car ride home. Chicago is always a nice place to go, especially with friends.

Discovery World

On Monday, April 13th the Aquarius house took a field trip down to Milwaukee's Discovery World. As the students arrived at school 6:45 Monday morning, they checked the lists to see what bus they were on. It was a two hour drive down to Milwaukee. On the ride down students talked, slept, played games or a combination of each of those. When the 3 buses arrived at discovery world it was cloudy and a little chilly. Once inside the building the students gathered with their groups and chaperones and discussed some rules. Each group started at a different exhibit, so it wouldn't get crowded.

There were multiple schools at Discovery World, not just the aquarius house from Bay View. The students viewed each part of the museum. There were aquariums, Great Lakes, gears, inventions and all sorts of fun things to visit. The favorite part of many students was getting to pet a live sting ray and sturgeon. About half way through the students ate a lunch and then saw a live show called Tesla Lives. After the show, there were a few more exhibits to see. Once everything in the museum was viewed, the students headed back to the buses for the long ride home.

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