JROB DugOut News October 15 - 19


Quote of the Week

"We believe educators have a responsibility to build an environment of excitement, creativity, and value. We can't be afraid to go out on a limb and try something new."

- Todd Nesloney and Adam Welcome


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Math Unit 1 - Using the LROIX Dashboard for Data Analysis

All grades should be coming complete Unit 1/Math exam this week: 10/15 - 10/19

Embedded link on how to PREVIEW the data for Analysis on LROIX/Dashboard:


Embedded link Data Analysis Recording Form:


Supporting the African American child....Robinson's next phase to success w/Dr. D. Brown

Fall 2018 - Superintendent Steinhauser continues the charge to ELIMINATE the "GAP" for our African-American students through the lens of EQUITY AND ACCESS barriers.

JROB will begin a 5 part series with Dr. Deena Brown, who will engage us in the work of cultural understandings to refine practices that ensure our African American dolphins are reaching and maximizing their potential and the barriers to success are eliminated. Staff Meeting Dates: Oct. 24, Nov. 28, Dec. 19, Feb. 20 & April 10

STOIC "EMERGENCY" Reminders....and other areas to ensure CONSISTENCY and EFFECTIVENESS

Emergency Drill Feedback:


The Safe and Civil Team would like to remind all elementary staff of supervision norms on the playground. Hard copies of the norms will be placed in your mailboxes by the team.

In addition, the Food Sharing box will no longer be available during recess. That food is designated only for the Food Finders organization and has become another area in need of supervision. Food sharing is only permitted during lunch when we can monitor the handling of the food products. We would recommend asking parents for donations of store bought crackers or nutrition bars for students in need of a nutritional snack.

Thank you for understanding.

Did you know its Digital Citizenship Week?

Digital Citizenship Thoughts for the Week:





Friendly Reminder with Tech Integration into Classroom Practices:

LBUSD has provided all schools with additional online platforms to support students via cyclical review toward targeted skill needs. However, these platforms are instructional resources and should be use purposefully and intentionally to meet the anticipated goal/standards addressing int he CORE subject areas.

Staff and Students lets all dress in our "ONESIES" to show UNITY against BULLYING at Robinson

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JROB Happenings.....

Week of 15 - 19

15 - Miller w/ RAPID Assess

15 - Marquez & Spenker @ SEL Conference in Los Angeles

15 - MS Football @ Robinson - 5:15

15 - ILT/Leadership - Library @ 2:30

16 - Miller w/ RAPID Assess

17 - Klopfer - Teacher Council

17 - ELAC @ 8:30

17 - Maritiza & Christina - IOA Clerk Meeting

17 - Grade Level Meeting

18 - Emergency Drill/Great American Shakeout 10:18

18 - Miller w/ RAPID Assess

18 - ST Math Jiji/Getting your feet wet with this new online platform - VOLUNTARY STAFF Meeting on IMPLEMENTATION @ 1:40 - LIBRARY

19 - Miller off site

Week of 22 - 26

22 - Miller/COTSEN 8 - 2;30

23 - Picture Retakes

23 - Hosn - Counselor's Meeting

23 - Admin Meeting @ 2:50

24 - Unity Day - "United as Onesies" Against Bullying

24 - Staff Meeting: LBUSD's U6 - SEL in supporting our African-American students w/ Dr. Brown - Part I

24 - MS Department Head Meeting - TRC @ 4:00

25 - SST Schedule (Select teachers w/Hosn)

25 - Robinson's CAAP Parent @ 5:30

26 - Principal's Meeting & Early Learning Institute


26 - Student of the Month

26 - ASB - Night of Horror - 4 - 6:00

27 - Saturday School

27 - HS Choice Fair

29 - Leadership/ILT@ 2:30 - Rm 6

Parent Teacher Conferences November 5-13, 2018

ES - Angela/Karen will place information for parent conference date selections in your teacher's mailbox. It is expected that all students have a parent conference.

MS - Modified Conference Schedule (November minimum days).

Dr. Hosn is working on setting up conferences for "the top 10-15 At-Risk students per grade level" in which teachers associated with those students will attend parent conferences on those days.

**Angela, will email an opportunity for teachers to signup for a PALMS translator to support with conferences, limited availability**

Collaborative Inquiry Walkthrough Visitation

Thursday, Nov. 15th, 8-11am

2750 Pine Avenue

Long Beach, CA

CIV - The purpose of the CIV is to assist schools in gauging professional development and coherence of instructional practices that impact student learning outcomes.