School Wide Goals 2014-2015

Jan Cutforth - Georgia Virtual School - World Languages

In partial fulfillment of the requirements of an ePortfolio for Georgia Virtual School

Goal #1

Exceed state pass rates for all EOCT each semester.
During Spring, 2015, I taught Chinese 2b. I was very lucky to have a smaller class to begin with. The students were both patient and helpful through my learning process. Chinese 2b does not have an EOCT, therefore, in order to meet school goal 1, I used the pass rate of my final and the overall class rate.

Although I met some challenges with one student who had forgotten to take the final, my pass rate for the class was 100%. I have learned that I do need to provide more ongoing review and support to increase the pass rate of the final. The student forgot much of the learned material and I need to insure that ongoing practice is available. To this end, I have begun developing Zaptions. Zaptions are interactive video lessons with interactive activities punters perked through the lesson. An advantage to the zaption is that I can track student engagement and success and then develop remedial and extension lessons as needed.