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Newsletter 31 March 2021

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Principal's Corner


As this will be the last newsletter for Term 1, I would like to congratulate everyone on a wonderful first term in 2021. It is hard to believe that we are now almost at the end of 10 weeks of learning! Can I especially congratulate our Kindergarten students who, at the end of this week, will have completed their first term of schooling. What a wonderful job they have done in settling into primary school!

It certainly has been a very settled and happy start to the year, which has been reflected in the positive vibe and feel in the school. As a school community, in such a ongoing complex time, this can only be achieved if we are all “Learning and Working Together” and I thank everyone (students, staff, parents and families) for their support of our school in 2021.

I would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable holiday break. The Term 1 holidays are my favourite of the year... the weather is a little cooler, but the days tend to still be warm and perfect for getting out and about. I hope this year is no different!

School resumes for students on Tuesday 20 April 2021. We look forward to seeing everyone return happy, relaxed and ready to learn for what will no doubt be a busy and enjoyable term at Woonona Public School.


As Covid restrictions continue to ease, we have made the decision that from the beginning of next term, our Kindergarten students (and their siblings) will now depart school at 3:00pm, along with all other students. As our Kindergarten students are still very new to school, they will still be walked to their gate, but this will occur at 3:00pm. Siblings will remain in class until the bell.

This change is very positive and will allow our students more time in class. However, it will also mean that over 100 additional students will depart school at bell time. I ask parents and families to please make sure you speak with your children to ensure a smooth transition to the new times. We also ask for patience and cooperation from our families, especially around traffic congestion, which is sure to be increased. Please ensure we all work together to ensure a quick, but safe departure for our students and their families.

Please also note, as has been evident in recent days in Brisbane, that changes can still occur very quickly, should Covid cases occur. If this is the case, the school will communicate any changes, as soon as decisions have been made.

School CROSS COUNTRY – Wednesday 21 April

Our School Cross Country Day had to be postponed last week, due to the torrential rain that we received. With lots of activities booked for this week, we made the decision to postpone this carnival until next term. As has been communicated, both the K-1 and 2-6 carnivals will now take place on the first Wednesday back at school – Wednesday 21 April 2021. Fingers crossed the sun is shining.


On Thursday of Week 9, 12 school leaders and I travelled to Sydney for the Halogen Young Leaders Conference. It was an amazing day of fun, lots of dancing and listening to inspiring speakers who spoke about their lives and how they have achieved success as a leader. I’d like to congratulate the students who attended. What wonderful leaders and representatives of our school they were. I look forward to seeing what they achieve personally and collectively in 2021.


Our next P&C meeting will be on Wednesday 12 May, at 6:30pm. The meeting will be held in the school staff room but will also have a Zoom component for those unable to make it face-to-face. We hope to see you there!


Our school will be having our much-anticipated annual Easter Hat Parade this Thursday 1 April, from 9:00am. It will take place under the COLA, with three separate parades to ensure we are abiding by Covid regulations. Communication has already been sent out regarding this event. We are looking forward to a fantastic morning and wonderful way to start our Easter celebrations, a successful first term for 2021 and the upcoming school holidays!


I want to thank our community for getting behind our hot cross bun drive. Over 400 packs were sent home yesterday! We hope all our families who purchased a pack enjoyed the contents. Thank you to Loren and Bronwyn for co-ordinating what is always a very enthusiastically welcomed event.

I would also like to congratulate Nichol family, who won our prize for the most hot cross buns purchased. Not only does this family get delicious hot cross buns, they also won an Easter hamper that I’m sure will keep the family chocolate filled for many days to come.

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The final two days of Term 1 will coincide with the State Swimming Championships at Homebush in Sydney. I would like to wish Maddison and Zoe all the best as they compete against the best swimmers in NSW and in many cases, Australia. It takes great commitment to reach such an outstanding level of competition and I’m sure our whole school community is very proud of what they have achieved and will achieve.

In addition, I would like to wish our junior girls relay team good luck at the State Swimming Championships. Maddison, Zoe, Lucy and Cleo will be great representatives of the South Coast Region, Wollongong North District and of course Woonona Public School – do us proud girls!


Throughout this term we have had a number of issues raised by parents and community members regarding safety of students as they ride to and from school each day. It has been reported that some students may not be riding the correct track to school and that many are riding in an unsafe way, along busy roads, and around community members. We as a school will continue to reinforce safe bike riding, as we want our students riding to school. Can we ask that parents of those students who ride reinforce that their children are making safe and sensible choices as they ride to and from school each day?

Click the above image to visit the Transport for NSW Bicycle Riders Road Safety Information.

Mr Tim Fisher


What's on in Stage 2 and 3 Technology?

Green screen, split screen, ken burns effect, narration and sound effects.... Stage 2 are doing it all as we use iMovie to learn about film editing through the creation of a digital story about the ocean. They have been learning about copyright and which images and audio we can and can't use in our short stories. Working in pairs, students have been provided with the images, videos and audio to create a digital story that they need add their own narration to. Students are working hard to follow the step by step guides as they learn to navigate and use all that iMovie has to offer. It's wonderful to watch the same digital story yet listen to different perspectives or versions of narration and sound effects used. Students are half way through creating these short stories and once finished next term, will be posted to their Google Classroom so they can share what they have done with their families.

Mrs Vella

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Stage Three

Stage 3 students have been working hard to plan a short film. They have been coming up with their own unique film ideas including characters, costumes, plots and storyboards to bring their film to life. At the end of this Semester, these films will be presented privately within classes at our very own 'Woonona Film Festival'. Not only will these films be enjoyed within our school but for a lucky few groups, voted on by the students and teachers, their films will be entered into a NSW Department of Education showcase called 'Film By... Invitation' which highlights schools from across the state (separate permission will be required for selected groups).

So far, this experience has been an amazing opportunity for Stage 3 students to collaborate and get creative, planning incredible, meaningful and often hilarious films within their classes. This unit will carry across into Term 2, as students are yet to finish their planning components. We have also just received our film production kit, on loan from stem T4L, which will assist us in producing quality audio, bringing greenscreens to life and learning much more about how films are made using cloud based video editing software. A note will be sent out early Term 2 providing more detail about how groups can prepare themselves for the filming component.

Miss Peters

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STEM Enrichment class

This term selected students in Stage 3 have been participating in STEM lessons once a week. We started off with team building challenges to test our knowledge and understanding of science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM). These included activities such as balancing dice on a paddle pop stick, building pyramids using cups, knocking down a tower of cups with a balloon and making the longest piece of paper using one A4 piece. We discussed how each of these activities related to science (in particular, forces) or maths and what role technology and engineering could play in them. Next we moved on to building on our understanding about towers. We attempted to make the Eiffel tower using pipe cleaners, make the tallest tower possible using 30 straws and 30cm of sticky tape, both of which required a good understanding of sturdy structures and solid bases. Finally, we have moved onto a mini unit about catapults where we have spent one lesson researching the science and history behind catapults then planning the design and make of our own catapult. The next lesson we became engineers and built our own then this week we will be testing and measuring them to see how far we can launch a projectile and how accurate we can be to knock a tower of cups over.

Mrs Vella

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Library News

It has been a very busy term in the Library with lots of reading happening with the start of the Premier’s Reading Challenge. Most children have recorded 8-10 books already on their reading lists and we even have a few super enthusiastic students who have completed the 20 books for PRC already. Well done to all student for their efforts this term. If students read additional books over the holiday break they can head to the PRC student site to logon and record their books.
Click the above image to visit the PRC site.

End of term overdue notices for books borrowed have been sent out this week. Can parents please help your children locate any overdue books and return to the Library as soon as possible. If a book has been lost, parents can pay for a replacement at the office. Book prices are listed on the overdue notice form. Thank you for your cooperation.

Finally, I would like to wish everyone a safe and relaxing Easter break and look forward to seeing students back in the Library next term. Remember even though students are on holidays encourage them to continue to read for enjoyment over the holiday break.

Mrs Carroll


3-4B celebrating Harmony Day

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South Coast Football (soccer)

Last week we had 6 students from Woonona PS trialing for the South Coast Football (soccer) regional team. It is a huge achievement to make it through two previous trials to be selected at these trials and the students are to be congratulated on their success.

Jacinta, Courtney and Aleah represented WPS in the girls while Lachlan, Henry and Zac participated in the boys trials. We had one student selected in each team, with Zac and Courtney selected to now attend the NSW PSSA trials. What a great achievement for these students!

Touch Football

Well done to the students who trialed for the North Wollongong Touch Football team. We had two boys who gained selection and will progress to the next round of trials. Congratulations to Beau R and Levi E for their success and good luck at the next trial.

Yours in sport,

Declan McMullen

Classroom Teacher

Woonona Public School

North Wollongong PSSA Secretary

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Star Jump Challenge Event Tuesday 13 April

Please find below information from Sergeant Dave Stewart of the Police NSW - Youth Command regarding a fun event you may be interested in to promote fundraising for our Youth Mental Health program - GRIT.


We would love to hear from you if you are willing to join the Seacliff Bridge event or participate as part of the PCYC Wollongong team at https://www.starjumpchallenge.org.au/fundraisers/pcycwollongong

Please feel free to contact me directly for any enquiries.

Kind Regards,

Matt Bourne – Club Manager Wollongong

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Just a friendly reminder to update your child's details when ordering through Quickcliq. Some children are having orders placed with their 2020 class.
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