Ruth Hill Elementary

2020 Reopening Frequently Asked Questions

Your child's safety is both the number one priority of the Coweta County School System and Ruth Hill Elementary School. In order to protect your child and keep him or her safe when they return to school in August, the school system and Ruth Hill Elementary School have designed the following safety practices and protocols to maximize safety and keep students healthy. We hope to be able to relax some of these practices as the year progresses, but we will begin the year with these measures in place.

We thank you in advance for your patience and understanding as we move to reopening school and providing students with an environment to help them continue to soar toward excellence.

Please keep your child at home if your child has the following symptoms...

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Will my child have to wear a face mask?

No, students are encouraged but are not required to wear face masks.

Will my child's teacher have to wear a face mask?

Staff will not be required to wear masks while in classrooms or during instruction. They will only be required to wear them in areas where it is almost impossible to maintain physical distancing (ex. in hallways with other classes, during lunch (if they eat in the cafeteria), or during car/bus duty where they are around lots of students).

Can I visit my child at school?

Until further notice, no parents, guardians, volunteers, or mentors will be allowed on campus. The only people allowed on campus will be school system employees.

Parent conferences and meetings will be held via phone, email, or through virtual meetings.

If a visitation is absolutely essential and approved by school administrators, visitors will be subject to a temperature check and questionnaire. These instances will be on a limited basis.

What about Orientation this year? What will it look like?

This year's Orientation will look very different from in previous years. However, will do our best to reach out and welcome parents.

Teachers will reach out to parents through email, letter, phone call, Facetime, or Google Hangout before school begins in introduce themselves and welcome them to a new school year.

As soon as we have information about bus routes, we will post and share this information so that parents can look up their child's morning and afternoon bus number.

Car rider tags will be made available for parents soon to pick up from school. More information about picking up car rider tags will be available soon through our social media sites.

Unfortunately, we will not be able to conduct home visits before school begins.

Can I eat lunch with my child?

Until further notice, no visitors or guests will be allowed on campus.

What about deliveries, like food, gifts, etc.?

Until further notice, no outside food or packages will be received at school (examples: food from outside school, gifts, flowers, balloons, etc.).

Will there be a virtual learning option for my child?

Yes. The Coweta County School system has created a virtual learning platform in which students can register and participate in virtual learning sessions led by Coweta teachers. Parents will have to register their student for the virtual learning option and must commit to virtual learning for a period of at least one semester.

Click here to see the system's online learning platform. Registration will be from July 6-17th.

How will students who receive special services, like special education or gifted, be served using a virtual platform?

For students who receive special education services, parents who register for virtual learning will contact the special education office (in our central office) and they will arrange a meeting to discuss a plan for each student.

For students who receive gifted and other services, the system will have a teacher serve students by providing services for the week (probably not per day). This will depend upon the number of parents who choose the virtual option. Once they know who has registered, a schedule for services will be set.

What about student organizations and meetings?

Until further notice, all group meetings (ex. PTO, School Council, parent meetings) and after school organizations (ex. BETA Club, Jam X, etc.) will be suspended. We will work on making as many of these opportunities in a virtual, online format.

It is critical for parents to stay connected to the school through social media (Twitter and Facebook), sign up for Remind text messages, and regularly check the school's website for information and updates.

What about field trips?

All field trips have been temporarily suspended.

How will lunches be impacted?

We have enough room in our cafeteria to accomodate students during each lunch time and still allow for students to have one open space between them and their classmates during lunch. While in line, students will remain at least one tile between themselves and the person in front of them and only three students at a time will be allowed to enter the kitchen area to secure their tray. Students who bring lunches from home will keep their lunch with them during the day and then bring their lunch box to the cafeteria during lunch to eat.

What about the use of water fountains?

No. All water fountains will be temporarily shut down to stop the spread of germs around the school. All students are encouraged to bring a water bottle to school. Water filling stations may be available for students to refill their water bottles during the day, but students will be encouraged to fill their bottles at home each morning.

How will student drop off be impacted?

Parents or guardians who drop off their children in the morning will need to stay in their vechicle.

Parents and guardians will not be allowed to enter the building, even on the first day of school.

If a student is late to school, the student will enter the building by themselves and someone from the front office will check the child in.

Students cannot be dropped off in the bus rider line in a car (or be dropped off to walk to the cafeteria). If students are car riders, they must go through the car rider drop off area. The bus drop off area is only for students who ride the bus.

What if I need to pick up my child early?

In the event a child needs to be picked up early, the parent or guardian will enter the school and remain in the lobby until the child comes to the front lobby to leave.

Students and parents are subject to temperature checks and may be asked to complete a health screening checklist.

Will pick up in the afternoons with car riders change?

No. As usual, parents and guardians will stay in their car, their child will be called, and the child will be brought to the car. Parents and guardians are not allowed to exit their vechicle or enter the building. A limited number of students will come out at a time and, once loaded, another group of students will be called. This may delay the car rider line a little, but we will work as fast as we can to get students to their vechicle in a safe and orderly fashion.

What protective measures will be taken on my child's bus?

Bus drivers will clean bus seats, handles, and railings before each route and students will be separated on the bus to the best extent possible.

What if a child presents symptoms of COVID-19?

A list of COVID-19 symptoms to screen for can be found here.

If a student displays COVID symptoms at school, or has a temperature above 99.5 degrees that does not decrease over time (multiple checks will be taken) and/or displays other symptoms that cannot be explained, the child's parents or guardians will be contacted to pick up the student.

The student will be moved into an isolation room until picked up by a parent or guardian. Parents or guardians will be given a reasonable time to pick up their child. If a parent cannot be reached or a student is not/cannot be picked up within a reasonable time frame, 911 will be notified and the child will be transported via EMS to a local hospital.

Parents should contact their child’s school regarding any subsequent diagnosis of a child sent home from school, or who otherwise has exhibited symptoms of COVID-19 or other illnesses. Similarly, parents should notify their child’s school if anyone in the household has tested positive for COVID-19.

The student will not be able to return to school until released by the system's lead nurse (who can be contacted by calling 770-254-2799. Calls will be returned as soon as possible). Even if the child has a doctor's note, the child will still have to be cleared by the system's lead nurse.

Any siblings or any other student living with a student who is sent home for fever or other symptoms may stay at school, unless they also display symptoms. Any siblings or any other student living with a person who tests positive for COVID-19 will also be required to quarantine, and may not return to face-to-face instruction until cleared to do so by the system’s lead nurse.

All emergency and clinic cards need to be updated with current contact numbers and returned to school as soon as possible. Please include the name and numbers of any person (family or otherwise) who is able to pick up your child.

If a case of COVID-19 is diagnosed, local health and school system officials will be notified. Department of Public Health guidance will be followed, and local health and school officials will determine the next steps the school will follow, which may range from deep cleaning areas to school closing. Local public health officials will determine when or if letters will be sent home. The privacy of student, family and employee health matters will be maintained.

What about student attendance awards this year?

We will not recognize student attendance (ex. perfect attendance, good attendance, etc.) this year at awards day ceremonies.

Will my child still have recess?

Yes, all students will still have the opportunity for recess each day. Grade level classes will either have staggered times or play in different areas to limit contact with other students.

Will my child still have specials (art, music, PE)?

Yes, all students will still have the opportunity for specials each day. All specials classes will also practice physical distancing and limit student contact. Any instruments, equipment, or materials used will be cleaned between classes to keep materials sanitary.

How will my child be protected at school?

We will have a number of measures to keep students safe while at school.

These measures include:

  • Separation at lunch (one space between each student at breakfast and lunch)
  • One block of separation between students while in the hallway
  • Desks and tables will be separated in the classroom to the best extent feasible
  • Group activities will be limited
  • Custodians will clean all areas frequently, paying special attention to areas where students are gathered or things touched regularly by students (ex. door handles, desks, etc.)
  • Students will keep their items with them during the day and will not share materials
  • Both arrival and dismissal procedures have changed to ensure that students are not gathered together and that they are staggered to the greatest extent possible
  • Sanitizer locations will be placed around the school
  • Students will be taught health and safety lessons on handwashing, distancing, not using the materials of others and other safety measures
These guidelines are subject to change as CDC regulations and guidance are provided throughout the school year. We will be flexible this year in our attempt to provide the safest learning environment for all children.