Congaree National Park

Hopskins, South Carolina

Congaree's Cute Creatures

Congaree National Park has a wide variety of animals big and small. Congaree's small creatures include ring-tail raccoon, eastern gray squirrels, turtles and many other reptiles. Some of Congaree's other animals are the Virginia opossum, wild boar, snakes, and alligators. There is also a wide variety of plants and trees here such as the cardinal flower, Virginia dayflower, blue lobelia, ladies tresses, butterfly pea, hairy elephant's foot, bald cypress tree, Loblolly pine tree, and red maple tree.

Trail Map

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Chemicals in Congaree

Scientists are finding potentially harmful levels of medicines, chemicals and bacteria in waterways here at Congaree National Park. There have been traces of sewage and farm runoff in our waters. Bacteria, birth control medicines, drugs to control diabetes, and liter have contaminated our waters. Help keep our water clean and safe for the plants and animals here at Congaree National Park. Please do not liter! If you find trash, please pick it up, and throw it away at the nearest trashcan!

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